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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love it or List it: continued!

I don't know how I spaced on that last post (well, besides being flakier than Toaster Strudels), but I neglected two of the dresses I meant to include.
That one! Isn't it a lovely Summer dress? It's only a little big, just a few darts and it would be a good fit. It was $2.
It's got an awesome aqua color and...what do you call that around the edges? Piping! I don't why they call it that. I love it and can see myself badass-ing it up a bit with some jewelry and a different belt. However, (this picture taken at night) doesn't do it justice. It's so lovely that someone might possibly buy it. I'm thinking that maybe I should list it and if it hasn't sold by April/May, I keep. That's a thought.
This next dress is probably an easier choice:
That one isn't so great. I should probably just hem it up keep it for myself, because I don't see it being a hot item.
It's a polyester piece that fits pretty well. I just have to take up the length and belt the waist, maybe figure out some alternative for that neck bow.
I promise to post one of my completed refashions by tomorrow, as I have several lined up.

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