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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love it or list it: obsession with dresses

You ever watch that home improvement channel, HGTV? I'd rather not, but it's sometimes on in the background at my parents' house while my sister and I are looking at our electronic devices. This is why I'm vaguely aware that there is a show called "Love It or List It," about deciding to keep or sell a house. Being a person of the "poor" income bracket, I don't particularly care for these HGTV shows where jerks think they need damn granite counters and stainless steel appliances. (every. single. show.)
 Anyway...When I buy a new article of clothing, I'm sometimes faced with a challenge of deciding on keeping it (which usually means altering it to fit) or trying to get some money by putting up for sale on Etsy. Do I love it or list it in the shop?
Well obviously this one's a keeper. It fits well and it's retrotastically adorable. (I just threw it on to pose for these blog pictures, btw. I don't fancy up for quick pics). A few close ups:
Well, those pictures are useless. What I'm trying to express is that those cute straps don't fit well and show off my back moles (which I edited out). I'm also trying to show the cute print which is either leaves or acorns.
Pros: comfortable, awesome color and print, fits pretty well!. Cons: I never go backless (due to above mentioned problem), those straps are actually kinda loose, and I feel like I might actually be able to make a buck on that dress.
Details: made by designer Lanz Originals and is in great condition.

Next on the chopping block is this lovely 80s number, fuchsia and fitted.
Pros: nice magenta color, looks sexy. Cons:
...those big shoulders. Even without the padding, like all garments of this era the shoulders are big. Also, the dress might be a little snug in the hips/butt region. I give zero fucks because like that popular song the children sing at recess, I'm all abut that bass, no treble. To my understanding that means I'm appreciative of my large ass. (Eye roll) But, the school school department isn't!
Details: made by 80s designer, Nina something and in good condition, just not worth much in resale value.
Another turquoise-y color? Yes...
I love this dress and it's not like it's way huge. It bears a resemblance to this dress:
That bright pink dress is one that I already decided on and chose to list here in my shop because I really don't do that color. I've had that gorgeous frock on sale since last Spring. That brings me to a point I'd like to make: selling clothing on Etsy has been nearly impossible for me. Seriously, it takes forever for an article of clothing to get purchased. If my clothing was easier to sell, deciding whether to sell it or not would be much easier. It's some economic principle phrase I've heard/misheard: I have to decide whether I would get more value out of selling it or out of using it.
Back to the aqua-ish blue dress. Pros: awesome color, retro-40s look, non pouffy sleeves!
Cons: although I love a good "roomy" top, like so many of the dresses I find, the bodice is too long.
The width is easy enough to fix, but taking out the middle is so haaard! I might ruin it. I'm also having a love/hate relationship with those buttons. Not sure if lame or kitschy...
Details: random, no-name label; fun gold buttons with designs that look like family crests.
I started this post a few days ago, then ran out of time. I was planning on including this:
 It's by Christian Dior, for all you fancy-asses out there. Picture sucks; but it's an interesting, high waist, midi skirt (the kind I love). I chose to list it up because it's kinda long on me.
How about some coming attractions?
The last time I posted about my indecision with my dresses, it was over the summer and I showed you this button print dress. I finally decided to make it small. I finished and then wore it, but never did get around to photographing it.
Hey, anyone check the weather out there? It's so cold that if you go outside and cry about it, your tears will freeze to your cheeks. How about a nice cotton turtleneck?
Nope. Just couldn't do it. I don't want all that on my neck! It was too thick and it was strangling me. It's a v neck, now. Finished and worn, pics mot yet acquired.
I also finished this one! I made the sleeves elbow length with a little flaring and then shortened it a little. So..."after" shots should be up some time in the new year.
Edit: I published this prematurely. So there is a part two: Love It or List It continued.
I've decided to link up this post at Sir Thrift A Lot. Most bloggers don't kink clothing related posts on Thriftasaurus, but I guess I will. 



  1. I have the same problem with housewares on eBay - I find super cute stuff then it sits around for a year during which time I could have been using it.

    My point is - I'm no help here!

  2. LOL, other thrift people would probably say that too. And organized, non-junking people would just say, "clear it all out!"