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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Button Print Shirt-Dress!

Mostly just the "after" pics because zzz... I had this lovely Liz Claiborne dress:
I loved this dress from the moment I laid eyes on it. I knew it was worth the 5 bucks. It looked easy to work with and it had a button print.! I blogged about it last June, so I'll save myself the trouble of writing about it again.
In fact, I'll spare you my process as well. Here's pretty much what I did:
In that post I linked up there, I mentioned how fitting this dress seemed to be despite its larger size. It didn't have the long bodice like all my other 70s/80s dresses. I think I know why:
HA! That's a close up of the picture I took while working on it at night time. See anything? Of course not. What this picture meant to say is; the seam does not look uniform. It's as if it's been cut and re-sewn. Somebody got to this before me and did me a solid by fixing some length! Of course the shoulder area was big, so I folded it over like so:
I did cinch the waist by using the technique of wrapping those straps (seen in the before picture) around my back and then tying in front. But, I couldn't waste the opportunity to use my new belt, one of the cutest ever made. Behold:
Button belt! It's one of those waist cinching elastic belts I'm into and the clasp is a giant button! Let's see this shirt dress! And if the hem looks odd, that's because this slippery fabric was hard to fold.
Even with the picture size blown up, it's hard to appreciate the print. Here:
Look at the little white and red buttons! That's what they look like!
Once again:
I actually wore this once and realized it was still too big and had to take in the sides some more. As always, it's not a revolutionary refash. I love it, though.


  1. Hi Erica - I think this is your best refashion yet. The button belt is PERFECT! You can't have too many dresses since you can wear them to work everyday and any where else you go - plus you look good in them.

  2. Really? Thanks! I think I might actually have too many dresses...I'm ok with that.