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Friday, January 31, 2014

Make this Nautical and Pin-up Style: take two

I'm so tired. So, I'll keep this short. But, not the dress; the dress I kept long because I like to take newer items and make them look old-timey and they didn't wear minis in the 40s. Anyway, I already did this sailor dress refashion but wasn't completely satisfied, so I continued changing things.
First, I got rid of the belt and took in the waist, using the weird-string-pullback things and the snap in cleavage cover that I cut out. Say it, pics:
I'll probably edit this later, but I think you see what I did there, right?
Next, I thought that my dress was missing some kitsch factor, and nautical themed stuff. I wanted to add a red neckerchief thing that crossed like a bow in front. (Can't describe, can't find a picture) I didn't have a neck bow thing like that. I had a men's, red necktie. Take it away, pics!
Used seam ripper, then scissors to open up tie; took out the guts; cut and pinned the fat end of the tie to match other end; pinned and ironed it; realized I wasn't gonna hand stitch that whole damn thing; used a paintbrush to apply fabric glue and closed the seams that way.
With a few stitches, I attached the tie under my dress's collar and crossed the two ends in front, securing them with a little anchor pin. Without any further typing...my refashion refashion:

 If you notice that these look a little more 'shopped than usual...Oh dear god, the cold took a toll on my skin/lips. I didn't apply any lipstick, but did try a lot of foundation and some new pink eyeliner. The photographic result was a corpse like pale and creepy. Shudder.

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