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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recent Acquisitions

Do you ever get that "out of it" feeling? When you feel like you're working and you get tired, then realize you haven't actually accomplished the things you were supposed to?
No? Me neither, I was just asking. I'm a legitimate blogger, I'm totally with it... I'll just show you some stuff.

I love these little sewing boxes! My mama has one that she's had since the 70s in this same color, but it's the flat shaped one. I feel like I always pass these up when I see them because they're usually kinda price-y. So, when I saw this one for $2, I got excited. It wasn't until I was washing it at home that it occurred to me: hey, this is missing it's little removable compartments. It's just a box.
I came up with several alternative uses for this box besides holding needles and thread. I already took some pictures of it with lotions, craft paint, lunch, etc in it with hopes that I can sell it with it's cute, retro factor alone.
Speaking of cute, retro factor...I like this ceramic fish. For $1.99, he swam into my cart because I like the colors and how it looks like it's got aqua bubbles on it. It's diamond shape is so MCM, and I like that. I'm gonna promote this guy as wall art, or maybe a trivet (that's a fancy word for a thing you put on your kitchen counter to rest spoons on), or maybe a thing you put plants on top of?

This fabulous dress. Such a great vintage style and color palette. I actually did get around to listing it. Spring blue dress

The polyester and long sleeves aren't exactly spring like. But, look at the butterfly belt! Also, it's cold and rainy here. 70s pink ruffle dress

I listed this horse head. ceramic horse head wall hanging
...and this cat head. ceramic cat head wall hanging
I don't want to talk about the heads. I promise to do more listings this week and less fooling around. On that note, I can't decide if I should list or keep these two:
That pale green, gauzy one would be such a cute summer refashion. And the other one is for fall, obviously. But, I really wanna take the sleeves off. My seam ripper's ready.
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  1. I have my old sewing box from the 70s and it's the SAME yellow and all--full of all kinds of goodies and notions! thanks for linking up to thrifter/maker/fixer/farm