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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thrift Hoard: big-ass wall art

I stop into a Savers to kill some time and make myself a little happier and sometimes it works. You ever find a treasure that stops you dead in your tracks? Then, you see the price and yell, "Oh my god, get in my cart!" This didn't actually fit in my cart, but I grabbed this thing fast. (And it was $4.99).

That image is kind of a teaser. It's one of them Turner Wall Accessories. I've heard people say "those things were mass produced, they're a dime a dozen, mad lame, etc." Yeah, whatever, they are awesome. I mean, check this out:

I've spent some time trying to research an accurate price for this thing, but similar items seem to be of higher quality. I feel like I have no idea how to describe this thing.

It's very lightweight; like... thin plywood? The surface is pretty smooth, it doesn't feel painted on. It looks like some kick ass faux-bois, cubism, decoupage; but it's not. It has an artist "signature" deep in the corner: Arno? Maybe "Arnold" and part was cut off by the frame?
All I know is that it's a beautiful, mid century looking piece. It's in very good condition. It's almost 5 feet long but it's not heavy.
Does anybody have experience with a piece like this? I don't know how I'd go about shipping, either, but I suppose Etsy could help there. If anyone has information regarding the pricing of this thrift score, please come forward! I'm very poor and would like to make a few schillings.
By the way, I got this green tulle skirt that I might wear tomorrow. I removed that ruffles along the top there, with a plan to refashion that didn't quite work out. I might wear it.
I got this cute little purse for $3:
I love those old timey closures. I gave it a polishing and some leather wax, I'll list it this week.Oh, and this was the other item that gave me pause:
It's really fun, with its sparkly stripes, lace detail, and bow...but is it vintage? It doesn't have any tags. It looks very Betsey Johnson to me, but for all I know, it's some lame Halloween costume. I don't want to get a bad rep on etsy for selling non vintage items! Someone will be like, "Vintage? Bitch, please, that's the 'slutty stripes' costume I wore to Sorority Halloween Drinkathon!"
I have plans to sell a few things on ebay on of these days. But, not now because it's bed time. So, any info on my big art picture will be rewarded with good karma.
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