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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thrift Hoard: All the things

I'm tired from this week off from school. I been cleanin', and pic snappin', and doing crafts. Let's just look at some stuff.
From the previous week's Savers sale, these clothing items:
Oh, hello there. I'm just modeling a dress on Etsy. I have better pictures of it, I just thought I looked kinda nice in these. This dress is not me at all, but it's so pretty with the turquoise print and pleats. I think I may have listed it a little high, but it's so cute! On Etsy
Why is everything so hard to photograph? This is an 80s, silk jumpsuit for a petite lady. So this thing fits me well. When I tried to model it the pictures were bad, and it doesn't fit on a dress form, hanging it on a hanger just makes it droop. I guess the old "laying back like it's doin' a snow angel on my bed" pictures will have to do.
Here's the thing...I got this on a dress rack and tried it on, immediately noticing that there was something up with the color. A laundry mishap? I don't know, but I don't hate it. It looks completely intentional, but will I be able to sell this like that? Also...this isn't a dress. It's a vintage nightgown by Gossard Artemis. But, I want to try and push it like it's a quirky girl's vintage, gown for prom. So, I haven't listed it yet, maybe I should put it on with some heels and faux fur shrug top and style up.
I still haven't shared the kimono and NWT embroidered robe I got that week. Yet, still I continue to accumulate. So many stores...temptation to look!
Hey, here's something one would expect to see on a blog that focuses on the negative sides of life!
Love is beautiful? Dude, no. But, it is a pretty nice piece of crewel work. It's got all sorts of nice colors and it's in great condish. My mom was nice enough to take me to Goodwill and witness the spectacle that is me in a thrift store. This one didn't have a ticket, I figured that they would probably want 5 or 6 bucks for it. The cashier just said, "uh, $1.99?" Shit, yeah. Pfft, "love is beautiful..." Thrift score love, maybe.

Love Stinks by J. Geils Band

Speaking of love, I do enjoy a nice couple. Here's a good pair...of lamps.
 Stupid sucky pics. I'll try again, later. I put them in my carriage, excitedly telling my mom that I never see nice lamps in pairs. Sometimes, I see one decent lamp; but these are in good shape, have a mid-century feel, and a wood neck...and there's two of them! Mom was insisting I put them back, arguing that I was broke. I said told her I was going to sell them. When we went to check out and my total was around $10, she was like, "what?" Apparently, she thought they were around $30. They were $2.99 each. Score. 
My total was cheap, because mom offered to pay for the clothing items I picked out for myself. Look at this 80s, bird print shirt! It was full price at $4.99, but when you find something one of a kind cute, you just let your momma buy it.
It's going to look nicer ironed. I just put it on to get a picture. I'm not actually wearing it because, once again; it's too fucking cold. My bad on the sailor talk, but seriously...
Oh, I also got some ties for a DIY project, that was so damn easy that it's already done. 
 Actually, I did two tie DIYs. I'm not showing them now, I gotta save my material for more posts. I already got the title planned. I want to make more things. Why have I not crafted with belts before? Those were $1 each and thrift store ties are so damn plentiful, you can't not find them. I think of all the kick-ass ties I've left behind...
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  1. Those lamps took my breath away!!!!!!!!!!!! And that gown is outstanding..........I love the idea of it going to prom!

  2. You like the lamps? And the gown? I better get on my listings, someone might actually buy them! Thanks for the confidence boost!

  3. I really really really want that embroidery!!!!!!! Are you selling it?

  4. Already sold it! As soon as I put it on etsy, it got a bunch of favorites and then someone bought it. Didn't realize it was such a hot item!