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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tie One On: Extremely Easy Obi Belt

This is a DIY made from ties; actually my first. I think I've been turned off from using ties in refashions because unless you're planning on really tearing one apart, an upcycled tie still looks like a tie. I don't usually like when you turn one item into another item and it's quite obvious that the finished item was once something else (make sense?).
Anyway, I heard the term "obi belt" on a blog somewhere as a solution that helps cinch a waist. I was embarrassed when I realized that it wasn't this:
I don't know how to make the belt worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi
Apparently, an obi belt refers to the Japanese word for "sash." They might look something like this:
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I love belts, specifically ones that cinch a waist. I looked up a few tutorials. They were like...ugh... (that's me trying to convey the feeling of dumbness/laziness I get when looking at difficult tutorials.) I was all, "use interfacing." Use what now?
So, I literally took two ties and attached them so I could wrap it around my waist a couple times. A monkey could do it. I showed you the two ties that I bought for the project ($1 each) but I decided to switch out the small dark green one for a plain black.

He he. It looks like that big tie is eating the black tie. Anyway, that's the first step, feed one tie to another one. Make it look like that by pushing that one tie into another just a little bit.

Then, you gotta get some matching thread. I had some because of all the free sewing notions given to me! Hell yeah, thread the machine.
 I stitched around the edge of the blue tie which is the one on the outside. So, it looks like that from the back.

I circled it, because I guess it's not really visible, but I stitched a little bit right there, holding the edge of the black tie in place. I could've made some button holes, or belt loops to help the whole thing stay in place when I'm wearing it, but...nope.

 So, do you have any dresses or big old tops that don't fit?
Do you also need a better t shirt bra?
 I don't even know why I own that, it's too big. Here's the belt around the too big top.

Yeah, like I'm gonna take the time to iron out the wrinkles. Also, you can tie it in the back or the front!
I can't believe I've never repurposed a tie before. I'm gonna go make lots more tie things.


  1. Obi belts have that extra glam factor. I love how they look exponentially expensive, but easy to make in actuality. And your obi belt and dress perfectly matched! If I hadn’t read this blog, I would assume this was put together in a boutique. All the best!

    Allyn Winston @ The Infinity Belt

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for your genius idea!!! I used it with two black ties...wearing it with a cheongsam. The whole look is amazing!