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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Fancy

For my last post, I wrote about the possibility of attending the festivities held by the wrestling company I spent many years working with before leaving on not so good terms about a year ago. WAW, once the source of my greatest pride and joy became a painful memory when I walked out of that ring last December. After spiraling down the rabbit hole of crazy last year; was I ready to face some old demons?

Yes. I probably should've stayed away, but I stubbornly ignored that voice in my head and walked across that burning bridge into the WAW Fifteenth Anniversary Awards Ceremony. In my gut-spilling four part story, my falling out with my former "family" of WAW was just a footnote. Let's just say that I'm guessing a few rage faces were made when I walked in the door. How did I do it? I had a date.

The gentleman alongside me is one half of the current WAW Team Champions. When he invited me to attend as his date, I warned him that he might regret it if he got any backlash. I asked him to keep my attendance a secret until he walked in the door with the allegedly "disgraced" former Queen of WAW. I had one of those scenes in my head where people gasped and dropped their drinks like "Oh my! I'm so appalled!"  at the sight of me. That obviously did not happen because I guess that stuff only happens in movies or whatever.

My "costume" for the night began with this black, silk dress. I bought it last April on the night that I would come to recognize as when I hit rock bottom. (That night) I remember taking the brand new Bebe dress off the rack and wanting it even though I was no longer in WAW and would probably not have a reason to wear a dress like this. It was $14.99. I took it home and it hung in my closet since that night. I suggested that my date and I match up. In my days, WAW wrestlers would have a color that they wore for their ring attire that they stuck with like a "color brand" of sort. When I played WAW President, my colors were that of the company logo, black and silver.
Action shot from a few years back
Anyway, he said he has some white tights (ha ha tights) and I said I had a black dress but would add color with accessories. He asked me if I had white gloves, and I wondered out loud why the eff I would have a pair of white gloves. Do I look like a southern pageant queen? But, I had some. From a Halloween costume I had awhile back. And that is why I don't get rid of things.

The necklace is one I got at Koh'ls clearance mad cheap to wear to a friend's wedding two summer's ago. I honestly don't remember buying white fishnets. The shoes, I realize where a bad choice. (They're also a DIY paint job, as they used to be ladybug Halloween clearance.) I understand that mary-janes can make one's legs appear shorter, but they also hold shoes on! With that length dress, I made my legs into stumps.

I should mention that adorable coat that I wore. I got it at the Savers 50% off sale for $6.50! It's by Express and it's so damn cute, that I'll end up getting a pic or two more of that this season.

I had an enjoyable time and only cried once during the evening. An old friend was inducted into the hall of fame and when I remembered how he made my induction special, I teared up because I wasn't even invited to speak on the "congratulations" video that was made for him.
I performed during the Anniversary wrestling show, too. I accompanied Falcon and his former tag team partner Pyro as we reformed our team for one night only. I asked the commentator to refer to me as "sharp tongued," for my love of cutting an opponent in the ring with an insult. I also requested the term "wielder of the poison pen" as a nod to this blog where I buried the King of WAW with my writing. Kinda sad, I'll add this emoticon :(
One of the people I angered on my way out of WAW had been waiting a long time to "come at me" so to speak. She had previously been angered with another WAW member and waited for her to take the ring before hurling insults at her from the audience. Yes, why would anyone confront someone face to face when you can call them a "slut" by yelling from a wrestling audience?
I knew what was coming as I took that microphone and spoke over the sound of an angry girlfriend. I was ready. "For all you girlfriends holding onto your men because Moody Starr's in the house, you don't have to worry-"
Before finishing by saying that I was with the Firebirds, she shouted back, "yes, we do!" Perhaps, next time those with a gripe will take the microphone and join me in the ring. But, that won't be for a long, long time. When a wrestler retires, it is said that they are hanging up their boots and might exit the ring, leaving their footwear behind. While the winning team celebrated, I took the opportunity to wiggle out of the silver sequined bra that had been part of my costume for years. I hung it over the ropes and strutted that ass out of my old home, WAW for the last time. Probably.

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