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Monday, January 13, 2014

Cheap Imitations vol.1: Pants; also more plaid

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but ya know...It's allegedly going to be a series of posts in which I see something cool on another blog or on Pinterest or maybe even a 3 dimensional human on the streets and attempt to duplicate it at a thrift store. Because if you can't be original; copy something good.
I was wasting time looking at cute outfits on Pinterest (because is good to keep one's mind sharp...) and I saw these sweet pants from ModCloth.

I've made it no secret that I recently got down with this high waist pants and shorts trend. I've heard conflicting reports about the effects of high paints on short (5'), hip-py gals, and the concept of tucked in shirts is a little hard to get used to. because I am short, shirts tend to come a little lower on me than they might on a regular sized person, so it seems like a lot to tuck in. I cannot have any bunching in my clothes, I say in a dead serious tone. It will bother and distract me all day. Let's just look at pics!
I found a pair of Liz Claiborne, black, pleated, high waist pants at Goodwill for $2.50. Just saying "pleated pants" is making me do a double take. Aren't those bad? Those are mom pantsThe sketch

 I'm guessing that at this point, if any men were reading, they've stopped. Here's the thing: I felt kinda like I was carrying a little extra weight that week. (whispers) you know; menstrual fat feeling! After tucking in the top, those size 2 pants were at max. capacity.
I looked up a pair on Etsy.
I'm telling you, the first time I wore these pants, they were super cute. I'll do a few crunches or whatever. I think I managed to get the look I was going for with my thrift store pants. More pics:

That top is also a little snug. Camera has the guts to tell me what my mirror couldn't say.

Up next; a refashion. Or a hem and a take-in, I didn't actually refashion. It's more of the plaid trend. What a coincidence that I started appreciating plaid patterned stuff just as it became popular! Here's some inspiration I had:
Pinned 'em here
I saw these navy, plaid, stirrup pants at Savers for $3.99 and I loved the top area:

The top of the pants fit nice and snug, and look at those things at the bottom! They're called stirrups, and they were standard on pants back in the 80s. Uh, why don't we wear them now? Wouldn't those be helpful for tucking into boots? So, top=good, bottom=good. The middle of the pants were so baggy they looked like pajamas. I could've gone to Walmart in those things. Also, they were way too long for me to make use of those stirrup dealies. They'd have to go. Luckily, I just set up my new sewing machine.

Preparing for a long battle of needles and thread, I got started. I put the pants on inside out and then stood in front of the mirror and pinned the inseam to something that looked about right. Then, I took them off and used a fabric marker to make a line where I thought I should sew. Then, I carefully placed each leg on the machine, one at a time and sewed--
What the what?! Did I actually do it correct the first time? I think they fit me and they kinda have the look I was going for. Look at those cool side zippers, they're so badass! I'm like Gwen Stefani from the 90s!

No Doubt I've got the same sculpted abs...
I think I like them. I better do more selfies, just to make sure.
Might be a little baggy in the knees? Also, I could've ironed the part that I rolled up. I like the rolled at the bottom look.
This "photo shoot" didn't come out great. I think I'll avoid natural light. And what's with the shoes, did I pair my new pants with my students' snow boots? I wanted something pointy toed, so I've got little wedge bootie things on. Trust me.
After carefully viewing these pics, maybe I will take in the knees, if possible. I'm calling these a win, and if you don't like my mom pants; shut up, I might get low self esteem!

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  1. Whispers...they are mom pants. But your right its hotter than hades right now. I've having a problem finding anything at the thrift store that is high waisted and all kinds of awesome like your pair. Everything is hoochie mama low cut. Get out the thong! Besides I have to be very very careful or people will think mom pants and she's had them all these years and has not bothered to ever update her wardrobe......how sad. Its a fine line my friend. A fine fine line. You look adorable stop with the silliness.