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Monday, January 6, 2014

Thrift Haord: Last Year's Best Scores

If you giggled a little when reading that title; thank you for humoring my cheap attempts at jokes. I do need your charity titters. If you like year end clip shows like I do, then good. But, hold onto your Pyrex, thrift lovers; this material is fresh.
Since I haven't yet shared these finds, they're new to you!
First up, anyone who's seen my narcissistic attempts at fashion blogging has probably seen this chair. It's just next to the window, so it's a backdrop for just about anything.

There it is, where I first saw it at the store last spring. Don't try and zoom in, nosy Nellies, I'll let you in on the secret paper. It's a price that's been slashed repeatedly. It's $2. I thought that there must be a catch, like maybe there's a nest of hornets inside. Within a few seconds, I was like, "here's your two dollars!"

(a clip. I'm guessing about 0.2 people got the reference)
It seemed relatively clean and I had my landlord help me check for bedbugs before bringing it indoors. It's got an old label from Connecticut Chair Company. The catch is that the nubby fabric on that old chair is kinda scratchy (you don't say?) I painted the legs in a "blonde" paint color so they'd show up.

Sailing across my $2 chair, is a $0.50 ship. One of them. I already have a boat just like that as part of my mash-up of stuff that I refer to as a gallery wall in my bedroom. One day, I was trolling through the same Goodwill and I saw this one marked for a dollar and at half price that week. I wasn't gonna just leave it there, for some other lucky soul to love! I selfishly hoarded that treasure and it's sitting on a shelf in my bathroom.

If the globe looks familiar, that's because it's featured in that huge collage of a blog title banner. I made a totally brief Savers run, one afternoon and I spotted it. I love globes and always grab them to add to my collection. Not only does it have beautiful, mid-century colors that match my living room, it's also a lamp! (I was about to show you a picture of it all aglow, but I don't have one ready, and I don't plan on getting off the couch.) I think it was about $6.99 and totally worth it.

It's a table cloth. I just really, really like it. I always look at the fabrics and linens for cool old prints and patterns that I might be able to toss in a pile and not use use in a DIY project. That's one that I took home. It's got white branches on it! White birch trees are kind of a theme for me. I planned using the material for an applique skirt, but I couldn't risk ruining it, even though it was only $1.99

I took these pictures with my phone at night, in case you couldn't tell. This find set me back a little more than I like to drop, but I was absolutely enamored. I think I actually got this on the same Savers trip when I got the table cloth. I guess it's a wall border, just kinda tall. There's a big-ass roll of it, and short of unrolling the whole thing and measuring it, I don't know how much I have. (and don't laugh at 'M'!) I spent $12 with the intention of taking one little portion for myself and selling the remainder. It doesn't look very old, just retro. I honestly have no idea what to price it, not to mention that I don't know how long it is. 

Would you believe I still haven't officially hung this up? I just put it there for the photo op. I dug this shelf (by the way, second boat on the list) out of the wood aisle in the back corner of Goodwill. It was covered in a thick, dusty layer so I had them hold it up front to keep my other scores clean. It's about 2 ft high and only $2.99! I want to keep it, I just can't choose the right place for it. Not sure if it should be painted, either. Back behind the door, for now.

Also hiding are these posters I picked up during my one flea market trip last summer for a dollar each. I don't have the cash for custom framing right now, so I've been patiently waiting to score something secondhand that I can use.

For my final score of 2013...another Hudson Bay knock off? Nope, that one's legit! On New Year's eve, I made a quick detour into the Family Outfitter's store where I get a lot of vintage clothes. I spotted the stripes and took it home to my parents' washing machine the next day. First, I unfolded it on the floor to get a closer look at its condition (could be better). Then that happened. You're welcome, girl, I brought that blanket just for you!
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  1. Came across your blog this morning and immediately added to my favs. Love the sassiness. I would love to thrift where you do--some pretty cool finds.

  2. Thank you! I get all giddy and prideful when someone tells me they like my sassiness! I live near some good thrift stores so there's a lot of temptation to thrift shop frequently.

  3. I'd paint the boat blue with white sails but thats me! Nice score on the Hudson Bay Blanket and of course the cat claimed it.

  4. Can you have a blog crush? And where have you been? You refashion, proudly display prescription drugs in your title AND you refuse to make fun of "M"??! Actually WTH is that? Is it wrapping paper? I honestly can't tell and the really weird thing. I feel like I've seen it before. Oh and if that tablecloth is in good shape. I'd leave it alone. It's either a Wilendur or a California handprint and its of the rarer variety. You don't want the TB hoards coming after you......No you really don't. They're scary.

  5. The ship shelf is incredible! As is the ship plaque, all amazing scores for super cheap! Dayum!

  6. You internet commenters are so nice! I bet that's a phrase people don't use often. Kari, people I know are like, "why are there pills on your title?!" and I admit, showing off one's meds might be a little TMI, but i made this blog with some purposes and one of those was to combat severe depression and anxiety. But, let's be honest, cuttin' up clothing is great, but the pills are a lot of help, too! And you think my tablecloth is rare? I've never looked up prices on fancy tablecloths.
    Van, you're my thrifting mentor...a thrift-tor, if you will. Whenever I see a Van comment, I holler "I'm not worthy!" Some day, I'm gonna get my act together and be more like you!