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Friday, January 24, 2014

Finally; mint colored, tacky, Easter dress Refashion

I tried to look up other dresses like this, and wasn't sure what keywords to use. It's like a suit, but it's only one piece, so like a dress, but like a blazer?
Anyway, this refashion is a long time in the making. (boring, wistful story coming) I remember buying it over the summer of 2013, when everyone was wearing pastels and I was hoarding thrift store dresses in an attempt to fill a hole in my soul...Not really a story, actually. As a chick who's always fancied herself as "edgy," I never thought I'd be interested in such a pale green. I'm gonna go with "mint." This is my old, mint dress.

Sometimes, I think I bring items like this home, just for a challenge. It's a 80s Easter lookin dress by Knapp Studio. I guess that I liked the color and the fit (except for the arms). I hate the big shoulders and arms. I hate the buttons.
I started the overhaul process without a real plan. I remember taking the arms off and buying some novelty heart shaped buttons that didn't work out. "Meh," I probably said before tossing it into a pile.
 In early September, I picked it up again.
I guess I took pictures of the process. Looks like I'm pinning the side seams, so the bodice can be taken in. That's right before I tossed it back in my "later" pile.
Finally...I have my very own sewing machine and was able to get to work. I know from my limited experience that removing sleeves leaves you with wacky sleeve holes.  Here's where I would show you what a nice job I did on them, considering I don't know what I'm doing. But, I can't find where I uploaded the picture. Here's a shot of the cheesy embellishment that I removed. It's an assortment of pearl-like buttons sewed into a doily. It doesn't look bad there, but I assure you it was really lame.

 Oh, wait. I found my picture (but not the "edit" button, apparently.)
Nighttime, phone pic...you can't really appreciate my amateur job.
Anyway, I hemmed all the parts that I had previously pinned, I won't walk you through that. The buttons. I actually sewed two on back in September! Look, I just wasn't excited about sitting down with a seam ripper and needle/thread to deal with eight buttons.
  I know, not all that exciting but I went with plain, round black buttons. I knew I would have to add something to cover the damage where I ripped off that lacy button thing. I figured the buttons shouldn't compete. Luckily, I have a stockpile of iron appliques. (hand sewed this one on, though. Hard time committing.)
  I went with this one that looks like an old crest or a girl scout badge, perhaps. Let's just look at the after pics, shall we?

 I'm satisfied with my results! Here's the thing about the pics. I slapped on a little lipstick, and managed to look drowsy and ghost-pale in every picture. I'm just gonna remove my head...

 Went without the belt for once.


  1. I love the way this turned out. You took a boring, standard dress and turned it into something to admire. I also love that you chose to wear the edgy boots, those make the look personalized. Great job, thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thanks fort your kind words, I coulda sworn that I replied, but I don't see my comment. The boots have been my everyday footwear as of late because it's been so damn cold. Thank YOU for your encouragement!