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Friday, January 17, 2014

You call that a "DIY?" Gluing things onto things

The best DIYs are the simplest. Because if you have to do something yourself, it's best to do as little as possible. I wanted to make some cool rings, but I don't know how to make jewelry. What I can do is buy parts of jewelry and glue them to things. Don't worry, I'll provide a tutorial so you can follow along.

First, you need supplies. Start with what they call "jewelry findings." In other words, the metal thing that holds things that look cool.

Here are some ring dealies that I pulled from the clearance bin at a craft store
Then, you need some cool little items to attach to the "findings."

Here are some things that I pulled from stashes of junk from around my apartment. From left; wooden bird, buttons, felt piece, single earring, game pieces from old board game (remind me to show off that collection), old dice from a board game, a scrabble tile bearing my first initial, and in the center are puzzle pieces shaped like Maine and New England.

Here's some more crap you'll need. Super glue that claims to be wicked permanent. I used some Styrofoam to hold the rings upright. I saved that chunk of it, just for this project! I cut little slots in it with that exacto.

The Scrabble tile fits almost perfectly in that square ring opening. I didn't want to leave weird space on the sides, so I glued a tiny piece of felt on one side of the tile.
Do not get glue on fingers! When they say that shit bonds instantly, they mean business. I'm not saying that I glued black felt to my fingers, I'm just saying it could happen.
For the round ring, I figured I could stick just about anything on there and it would work.

I decided to keep it small and go with a button. I've got some good ones, but most of them have those little rings on the back, so I couldn't just glue them down. I went with a plain black button, but on top of one of those round game pieces. I carefully applied glue to the base then laid that green circle thing on it and let it dry. After a few minutes, I put a spot of glue on the green thing and used tweezers to carefully place the button on top.

I'm kinda bummed that I didn't use my kick ass dice. They would've made a ring to high to be practical for my work. Maybe I can make something else with them. Anyway, here are the finished products:

My rings were very well liked by the children at school who were super impressed with my glue skills.

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