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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thirft Diet? Tomorrow, I Binge

Originally published Sunday, Jan. 19; due to some bizarre edit mishap it republished on Wed?

Money is hella tight, so I'm supposed to stop spending it, I guess. One day, last week, I got out of work with a need for a thrift fix and like an addict I drove to the Savers in my city. When I got there, I saw the sign in the window which announced the 50% off sale for the upcoming holiday on Monday. Like a reformed junkie, I chose to look, but not buy. (By the way, while looking, I got the sale alert email for card members. Nice timing, jerks). Ok, I bought one thing. It was really cheap.

Oh, hello. I'm just trying on my 80s plaid blazer. I just brought it home and I already took in the left sleeve (I'll eventually do the right one, too). Old label in it says that it's a size 3/4. Really? I understand this isn't all that exciting. What else can I show you...

Raw materials! Nothing's more fun to look at than some pieces of wood! Ticket says $2, but I grabbed those at half off a little while ago. I put them down on that tarp like I was going to spray paint them, but I didn't! What will I do with them? Mod Podge? I don't know, but I bet I can make some sweet-ass wall art in a set of 4! Or just leave them in a pile, somewhere.
I don't believe I've shared these things.

Hey, check out my jugs. Apparently, I'll find a way to put a lame, naughty sounding pun in each post Also, help me out, Corey Hart; I take my thrift pictures at night, so that the quality is bad. It's not on purpose, it's just that I work during most of the day and it gets dark out so early. I just wanted a before picture for the blog, I'll retake when I want to put 'em on Etsy. See, that blue one looks like it was already painted by a previous owner and now it's banged up.


  1. Those are afters right because they are so CUTE........Just kiddin. Can't wait to see afters. As for your jugs and fat paddle like things. Hmmm you have a vision..... you go with your bad self.

  2. Oh WAIT so you are going to Savers today? if you are, hells yeah! Have fun!! Ifyour not...good for you...cough