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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thrift Hoard: Half price and full of awesome.

I got out of bed on Monday and treated the day off like a work day. Because I was hitting up the thrift stores like it was my job. (It's not, though. I can't sell for shit!) I went to the Savers holiday half off clothes and accessories sale. I got these items in the Nashua, NH store, which I should visit more often. Let''s just look at the goods.

Does anyone know anything about this planter? It's in two pieces, and that bottom piece has little holes on the side. I got it up in my little shop, but it would be nice to be able to explain it's use. orange-yellow planter

That thing isn't actually for sale. I just took a picture of the vintage (and missing a part) iron/steaming thingie to capture the old timey goodness of it's box.
I asked my dad for help in MacGuyver-ing a makeshift cap for the place you put the water into. I'm just waiting on the glue to dry (crosses fingers).

Check out that awesome file thing! I love those old metal file holders and that one's got the old wood-grain look! metal file case It's just like the one Van of Thrift Core has! (Mine doesn't have the key.)

This Vera Neumann scarf has some cool retro charm, and is in great shape. I've got some other Vera's in my stash that I should list, too. Vera scarf

Wow! Look at the beautiful vintage handbag! Those details and that black plastic thing at the opening are just lovely! $3? Get in my cart, bag!
Oh, come on! How did I miss that?! I haven't listed that, because I have a plan to save the beauty of that old bag with either some ribbon or little bows. I'll clean off the fingerprints, too.
 My favorite thing to hunt for is dresses, and I grabbed a few good ones. Such as this plaid number...

I am really having a hard time with location for these clothing pictures. That's my hallway. It was cold and I had to use the flash. How cute is that dress, though? orange-turquoise plaid dress
But, wait, there's more! And keep waiting, because I'll have to save the rest for next week. It's a school night and I have to get my layers and layers of winter clothes ready for tomorrow.  I also have the box of old timey vintage blocks I picked up to reward a boy with special needs who's behavior was absolutely out of this world last week.. (Knock on wood.) So, come back next week for more dresses, some suspender pants, accessories, and the blocks.
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  1. Nice score, it is a self-watering planter for African Violets.

  2. Great finds! The Vera scarf is fabulous.

  3. I'd give my left arm for that little iron! Some nice finds you got there.

  4. Dang Jane up there has go tit going on. I was going to say a pot with holes in it. I wonder if that steamer iron deal works well. Update when you can?

  5. I love the streamless thingy box, great pics! The file portable reminds me of my elementary teacher, maybe she had something like that.

  6. I love those wood grain file holders. I had one a LONG time ago and sold it very quickly, but I still kinda wish I had kept it. Nice finds!

  7. My grandmother had one of those planters, she kept an African Violet in it, I think she made it at ceramics.

    Love the Vera!

  8. Thanks, Jane! Very helpful; I knew you fellow thrift lovers would know. I promise, I'll attempt that steamy iron thing today and let you know if it works or misfires and burns me.

  9. I tested the iron and it did work. I just don't think it worked all that well as far as doing its job of making wrinkles go away. I'll probably try it again, just for my delicate silk stuff that I'm selling.

  10. I use one of those file boxes for all my antique booth stuff. They're awesome! And I love that dress, great find! Excited to see what you have to share next week. Hope you guys come out of the deep freeze soon.