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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Can I Just Paint My Shoes?

Yes. Yes, I can. Sometimes, I'll see a cute little pair of shoes on the cheap, but don't want them because I don't wear brown shoes. I like black. Sometimes, I'll see some sweet little t-straps on the internets in fun colors and I kinda want them but I'm too poor. Anyway, I was curious to find out what I'd get if I put some craft paint on a cheap pair of shoes to change their color. I got these little Xhilaration from Target maryjanes at a thrift store for $4.

I've been told that shoes with straps are bad for short people, but no f's given because they're more comfortable to walk in. Anyway, being an year behind, I wanted to make these shoes emerald green--the Panetone color of the year for 2013. I'll be totally passe in a few months. I went to Michael's with strict orders to buy nothing but paint, unless they have something that can be used as a sealer if that exists. It did. Here are my materials:

Craft Smart gloss paint in hunter green (I always get gloss!), Craft Smart sealer, painting tape, and some brushes. I just taped around the heels and soles. I wasn't to concerned about the insides of the shoes. I used the small brush to paint the around the edges and the straps. Then I used the foam brush to get paint on faster. I did this just before bedtime, so I let them dry overnight before doing a second coat. So, two coats of paint and a coat of that sealer stuff on top. It actually worked.

Look at my shoooooes! I can't believe one of my little projects actually worked. Just my luck, on the next day, part of our math lesson in kindergarten involved taking our shoes off (it's about pairs) and I got to show off my paint job to the 5 year olds. By the way, I used this same paint to remake a pin/pendant I got a little while back. That also came out freakin' cute.

Pendant: Savers $2.99, chain and felt bow were scavenged from stuff around my place
Guess what? I forgot to take a "before picture," so you'll have to use your imaginations to see this cameo as a pin with fake gold around the edge. I used this picture of the necklace chillin' on my banged up bay window because it showed the detail of the face. After painting the gold part, I attached it to a black chain and glued a felt bow on it. 
Here's a little outfit I put together to match my shoes. I'm wearing that damn black, pleated skirt again, despite owning many other skirts. I guess I like it a lot.

t-shirt: Goodwill $2.50, belt: Savers $1.99, skirt: Family Outfitters $2, shoes: DIY from Family Outfitters $4


  1. How is the paint holding up after wearing them all winter?

  2. Not bad! I didn't wear them too much, I felt like I was in boots pretty much every day. There are a few spots that could use a little touch up. So...craft paint works, but probably not as well for the long haul. I've seen tutorials where people have spray painted shoes (with primer and everything) and that would probably work better. I'll probably try that next.