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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Life is Crewel

On Friday, I gave into the temptation and took a trip to the Goodwill in the town over (like, 15 minutes away.) I was there until closing and came home with a few things of interest. I looove the old timey embroidery pieces that I always find amongst the wall art/frames. For some reason, I rarely buy it because I don't know that it works in my space. I made an exception because I liked the rounded frame and it was $0.99!

Wait...does that look a little smooshed to you? That's what I thought, and the manager helping at the register when I was checking out agreed. For $1, I wanted it anyway, and I could possibly flatten it out.

Look, when they framed it, they put all the scraps in it! Ooh, 1975.

Does it look a little better? I ironed it out, and tried to pull it tighter before taping it into the frame. Meh, cute little thing, anyway. It joins the two other embroidery or "crewel work" as I've heard it called. The first one I bought is huge and awesome.

I bought it last June at Family Outfitters (I drive by it on my way home from work, I get a lot of stuff there.) From what I recall, it was a glorious $5. It's about 3 ft long, so is good deal. It's hangin' in my brick-exposed kitchen.

That one that I bought last Spring is also in the kitchen. It was $1.99 from the local Goodwill and did I mention it's 3 dimensional? Can't really tell, I guess. Take my word, those branches are totally coming out from the rest of the plant.

I also picked up a vintage purse for $2.99.

And this fabric remnant (a little over a yard), and this bag of fringe (both $0.99). I don't know why I have fringe.
I think I'll use that cool, atomic looking fabric to make pockets for a skirt, and that fringe-y stuff will sit in my scrap pile.

Also clothes. Also, shame on me (weekly self-flagellation for my indulging in thrift store collecting.)

Oooh, a granny skirt! I mean vintage maxi skirt! $2.50! It's probably a re-do, i just have to add a button and I'll decide then. Whaddya mean that skirt's a "boner killer?" Fine, check out this next score:

High waisted shorts! With bows on the pockets! So cute. Why do I have them? it's not like I can wear them to work. I can't wait to style them for a photo shoot, then fold them away and long for a day to wear them out somewhere. $2.50 again.

That's such a cute gray/silver dress. This cheesy pic doesn't do it justice. Also, it needs some static spray prevention and a cool iron. $4.99.

I like green. I managed to find three different items in my favorite tones of green, and that's awesome to me
Teal, emerald, minty-turquoise.

The one on the right is a little snug...but isn't the left one so nice with my hair color? Can you tell it's a cape? It's a little, mini cape.

It was cold, today. It was a strange day. I'm gonna have a post on that tomorrow. Linking up at A Living Space and Sir Thrift A Lot.

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  1. That cape is adorable and those shorts looks amazing on you! Great finds on the crewel - that 3 foot one is so cool.