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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brace Yourselves; Winter is Coming (GoT inspired)

Sunday was a cold day. The first of the year that I took out a warm coat. It just so happened to coincide with a dull sadness and a Game of Thrones inspired t-shirt re-do.

See that stupid crown? I half-heartedly tried to make a turquoise wall hanging disappear.
 The situation that caused me so much turmoil has apparently come to an end. John moved out of his apartment down the street; a moment I dreaded, assuming it meant he would spend more time in my building. However, on Sunday morning, I saw his car in my parking lot as he packed a box into it. He texted me, saying that he and Meredith had broken up and they were really through, this time and he took all his stuff out. That's of some comfort. We texted back and forth briefly, and I asked him how he felt about me sharing my story. He said it hurt seeing himself spoken about negatively on the internet, and I reminded him that he had been given many chances to fix the situation before it came to this, and that I only spoke the truth as part of healing. He wasn't angry, but I'm not sure he fully understands the gravity of the situation. I told him that if the old John had seen the new him, he would be horrified. That was about it.
Later on, I brought my laundry out to my car, knowing I'd have to make two trips. It was quiet, with a distinct chill in the air. As I drove down the alley, I saw the vacant spot where John once parked. He was gone from my physical world, now. I would be at peace. 
It's a somber kind of peace...no more anger, no more losing sleep over the idea of him under my roof as he stood by the person who tormented me. It was finally over, and I could no longer be angry. But, when that fiery rage subsides it leaves you with a lingering sadness. 

About the shirt! You see, I had this oddly fitting shirt that I bought last summer from Goodwill (probably about $2.) I liked the swords on the front, they had a goth-y look despite being placed in the shape of a heart. It reminded me of Game of Thrones. 
I also had that faux fur thing that I purchased from the same Goodwill last winter. It appears to be the removable furry collar of a coat or sweater. I found it stuffed in a hat and mittens bin for $1, so I brought it home and attached a chain to the little clasps that were already on it. Of course, one can hardly tell that I'm wearing under my hair.
The pin is an awesome Savers find. I first saw it for $3.99 but I was already buying several other cheaper pieces so I left it behind. When I went back a few days later to exchange a badly fitting dress, this coat of arms and lion pin was still there. Only know it was marked $1.99! Aww yeah, score. I had already practiced my paint-on-metal-jewelry technique (post coming soon) when I said, "hey, what the hell, I'll slap some on this one, too." First, I added dark yellow to the lions, but thinking it hid the detail to much, I rubbed most it off, leaving traces in the the little lines. Then I made that shield blue. Oh, and I guess I'm  Lannister because of the lions.

So, here's the shirt in the beginning. Not sure why I'm not wearing it. See how long those straps are? That means it comes down all low and you have to wear another top under it (or a sweet-ass bra, I guess.) There's also an elastic band thing around the bottom. It wasn't flattering.
I just did the simple cut and knot t shirt refashion. I cut into the straps right in front, and tied the two ends together. Then, I laid the shirt, front side down and cut a line up the center about 6 inches up in the back. I cut some material off the sides, so that the I would have two little strips to tie together--just look at the pics, it's hard to describe.

By tying the back up like that, it bunches up a little in the front, but that's how I saved the heart-sword design.

By the way. I don't have HBO, and I only started watching Game of Thrones on dvd last year with Falcon. I've only seen seasons 1-3, haven't seen the fourth yet. Spare me any pseudo-intellectual harping about how everyone but you is an illiterate boob because I'm talking about the TV show, not the book. No, I haven't read the books. I usually read non-fiction. Pardon me!

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