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Saturday, November 16, 2013

What I'm Wearin': Big, Green Skirt

I can't decide what the main topic of this blog post is; my new affinity for mid-length full skirts, copying an outfit from Pinterest, or how things that one would normally pass by on a thrift store rack can be surprisingly easy to style up. I'll just start saying stuff.
For a while, I wasn't wearing skirts and the reason was my inability to find a shirt that worked. Shirts usually get tucked into skirts. I'm short, leaving a considerable amount of length at the bottom of many of my tops, so therefore, tucking in leads to bunching. To ease this painfully difficult experience, I've been looking for tiny little tops, or cutting t shirts at the bottom so that they stop just below the waist. Anyway...
Since I've gotten into vintage clothing, I've taken a liking to what they call the "midi skirt." Yeah, it's length is between the "mini" and the "maxi." Here are a few examples of the fall, retro/vintage, cute-ass skirts that I'm talking about:
Images that I pinned on Inspirations for refeashions/restyling board. Please don't sue me for borrowing your pics, ok?
If you're a thrift addict, like I am, you probably see skirts like this on the racks all the time. Of course, if you're under 70, you probably never look twice because you're not interested in some granny crap. That was me, until I started following this big-ass skirt trend.
I tend to get into something and go all crazy for it, like I did recently with the dark green color. So, when I saw this outfit featuring a dark green full skirt with an anchor top, I wanted to copy the shit out it er, make my own interpretation.
find it through my pinterest
It didn't take long to find a big, green, wool skirt It was at Savers for the Veteran's Day 50% off sale, so $2.50.
Oh, great, and it's a ladies 12-- just my size (that's sarcasm. I'm not up to a 12, yet.) However, seeing as though this is one old skirt, it's vintage sized...so it's not that big. Just a rather large waist. I attempted to open up the seam and cut the elastic waistband in order to cinch it up. But, damn, those old-timey clothes are made well, the elastic was sewn right into the fabric. Believe it or not, I actually researched here, at The Man Repeller (a blog about clothing that tends to repel dudes.) I read somewhere that it's good to wear these things with a wide belt. So, I wasn't going to sweat making the waistband smaller; I'd just do it the easiest way possible, then hide the mess under a belt.

Ooh, it's got a nice silky lining.
Do you see what I did there? I pinched up the extra material, pinned it, and then sewed it just like that. it's totally invisible under the belt. Now, the skirt does come with belt loops, they're just little thin ones. Still, they came in handy.

The belt I chose is one of those elastic-y cincher belts. I used the belt loops to safety pin the large belt in place. I couldn't get any selfies from the back, so you'll have to take my word that it's totally unnoticeable.When I wore it to school, I paired it with a black cropped sweater, but I'm trying to recreate that pin. I had an anchor shirt that I made over the summer and had only worn once or twice.

That stupid top has been DIYed so many times, wish I had typed "anchor shirt" into etsy and saved myself the trouble. I bought a kids' size XL top for a dollar at Goodwill, intending to wear it as a butt hider with tight pants. I cut that anchor print off of a bathing suit cover up that I also bought hella cheap. Using the fabric-fusion-iron-on method, I made the black t-shirt an anchor shirt. Then, I had those pants on, shown in the above picture and I wanted the cute buttons to be visible...but, I didn't want to show my hips, those pants did nothing for them. So, I made my anchor shirt a high-low.
With all the bulk that I'm already hiding in the back of that skirt, I didn't want too much tucked in. So...I grabbed my scissors and chopped that long part in the back of the shirt, using this method. Except it was tied in the back.
Without any further ado, Here's the damn diy shirt with my freakin' cute, held together granny skirt.

Nailed it
I tried to replicate the pose and all. Of course, I didn't do an exact copy; I've got a black shirt with textured tights and high heels. Also, the woman in the picture is outdoors in nice weather. I guess that lady hasn't lost all the meaning of her life. Obvious differences aside, I kinda like it. Moar pics:

I keep trying to clean up my hairline in editing. I'm only now seeing how weird that looks.
That's a little handbag I got on the same day
This one is my fave, thus; the heavenly glow

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