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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thrift Hoard: I'm Thrilled

Like many people who lived in the '80s, I grew up a huge Michael Jackson fan. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I may have had a mild obsession. Of course, I was just a small child in those days, with no money to collect a bunch of cool merchandise. That's why, when I saw this Michael folder at Goodwill for $7.99 I was all, "Shut up and take my money!"

8 bucks for one MJ Thriller-era folder featuring the artwork for the "Human Nature" single? Nah, dude, it's not just a folder. Inside...

There's a whole notebook! Look, some old biographical info...but, hell yeah, there's more.

 Stickers. Many stickers. Like these standard pics.

 There are stickers that feature other Jackson brothers, and those cool puffy stickers that 3-D, as well as gum wrappers.

Those stickers on the bottom are not stickers; they're temporary tats. 

I also grabbed a couple of "smalls." It's fun to use the lingo. I got these cute mid-century salt and pepper shakers.

Damn, photo edits make anything look fun.
Then, I got something from the wall of bagged items at Savers, thinking they were S and P. They came with some pretty uncool cow shakers, but I wanted them owls. 

 Given the lack of holes on top of their heads, these guys are not meant to hold spices. They're Avon bottles. Coincidentally, I took a quick Goodwill stroll to kill some time and they had a whole, huge-ass collection of old Avon cologne and fragrance bottles. They were all $2. I didn't know if I should buy a few, or a bunch, or maybe just one? They had one little girl shaped bottle from their It's a Small World Collection. Just one? No, that could be a gateway collectible, encouraging me to look for more. In the end, I just took this blue ship home because I love nautical crap, and it might look cute in my bathroom. 

May the thrift gods be in your favor. Linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot and A Living Space.


  1. Michael Jackson folder is pretty cool find, especially like the stickers. One of my thrift regrets was not buying original '80s Michael Jackson glove from a collectible shop for $5. Oh well. The world goes on.

    I only have one Avon bottle - the one that looks like Thermos. Surprisingly, it's not a collection I'm interested in pursing. The grab bags from Savers rule!

  2. There's one thrift store in my area that sells those Avon bottles for about 3 times what the antique malls sell them for! I don't know why they think they're worth so much, but whatever. Your's are cool, love the owls. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  3. Avon must have made a proverbial zillion fragrances in weird bottles. A cologne in a bottle that's also a bust of Ben Franklin?! What on earth could that have possibly smelled like?

  4. That's a miracle that all those goodies were still in the album! Great find!