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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shameless Fall Colors

It's Thanksgiving, and I figure that after today, everyone's going to do winter related clothes and stuff on their blogs. And, yes; I always do what others are doing, blindly following the herd. I guess I'll do an outfit featuring mustard yellow, gray, and teal. I don't think blue/green is an official autumn tone, but I really, really like it.

The yellow cardigan and the lingerie inspired camisole top are both from the Goodwill. The skirt is from Savers and has an unfortunate problem, especially on this Thanksgiving day...

That skirt is too damn tight. I swear it was a little snug when I bought it on the cheap at Savers, but upon hand-washing it and then tucking my shirt in, I couldn't button the top button without fear of it popping off in a comical fashion. Ain't no thang. I just put a belt around it, so one cannot tell that the skirt isn't fastened together appropriately. 

The leaves necklace was from Family Outfitters ($2) and the shoes are a DIY! Yeah, I built them. Or I bought a cheap pair at Savers and then slapped paint on them, whatever. (I used the same method as these green painted shoes.) Rather than waiting for my next craft store trip, I was so impulsive that I mixed dark green, blue, and a little black. I got the color that I liked and had just the right amount to cover the shoes! Until I smudged the toe. And I couldn't mix the same color again. Ta da! Black tips. Black paint, that's how you fix a mistake, amirite?

I do Thanksgiving at my parents' place with a handful of my mom's siblings and it's not fancy. I'm gonna need more room, so I'm not actually wearing that skirt. I'm just gonna throw on these vintage high waist dealies I got at Goodwill for half off--(dramatic, abrupt stop.)

Ohmigod, I love these cheap little slacks! I wasn't sure, when I tried them on in the store, but now I'm really feeling those pants. (Effect added on the right to try and show off the pleats.) Best $2.50 ever!

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