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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrift Hoard:A Few Pics of Vintage Things

Here's a hastily thrown together group of pics, done at the last minute. Because i wanted to do other things, before. This week's theme is vintage ladies wear!

Except for that thing. That's a shelf. I absolutely love those mid-century, interlocking square shelf thingies. It was $2, so I brought it home and it will probably just lean against that chair for awhile.

How sweet is that little embroidered clutch? It's essentially useless to me, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. I got it for a dolla at Saver's Veteran's Day half off sale. It matches this vintage green skirt that I just blogged about: vintage green skirt.

I think I actually got these two skirts a week or two back at Goodwill. Both were cheap, like 2 bucks. The red one is kinda sexy and tight for everyday wear in kindergarten (ok, I'm afraid it might rip if I bend over to tie a shoe). The blue one is a great school teacher skirt, in our school color and everything. But, seriously...I don't remember why I brought it home. I don't think I'm pulling it off.
I've been giving even more consideration to selling on etsy. I'm just not sure I'm ready for the challenge. I think I was feeling way more confident on Friday when I saw these frocks on the $0.50 rack because I took them home for the purpose of profit. Eventually.

It's an old waitress and/or maid-like dress in a size way too big. It's in mint condition. Look at those cute buttons. Now what do I do?
Step 1: Acquire old dresses
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit
And here's a big mass of black material. If I were selling it today, I'd go get the dress form I'm storing at my parents' house, but I'm not. I assure you it's a size ten, vintage Liz Claiborne dress with a really cute print. Now, get ready for the best find, ever...

I blew up this picture, so that we can appreciate it's tacky glory. This old-timey nautical sailor outfit is no dress at all--it's a jumper! It cost me $3 at Savers. It's got its old vintage label and everything! And look what I found when I searched Teena Paige! Enthusiasm! Despite the unfortunate cling of polyester to a large ass, I did try it on. And it was awesome. It's sitting in my newly set up "resell box." Will I ever be able to part with it?
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  1. The vintage sailor jumper is INCREDIBLE! All lovely finds.

  2. Ohmigod! Ohmigod! Van commented on my blog! Thrift Core was one of the first thrifty blogs I started following. You're kinda a big deal to me :)