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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Arrow Sign DIY

I love old signs, and I always think they look cool when hung up as wall art. I found this "antiques" sign in the wood section of Goodwill a while back. It was $1, I believe.

I liked that it was arrow shaped, and I liked the shadow font, but it struck me as kinda cheesy. Like a country cottage look with stuff made to look "primitive."
First, I slapped some light minty green paint on it. Then I had to decide what word I wanted to replace "antiques" with. Then I had to decide which way the arrow should point (which would indicate which way my letters would face.) I chose to be classy and make an arrow pointing to my bar cart. Of course, my bar cart is rarely fully stocked, so rather than "bar," I just went with "liquor," because it seemed more accurate and would look cuter.

Here's what I used to revamp the sign:

craft paint, stencils, a paint marker, some little gem stickers, and a glue gun to better secure the stickers. The little gems I used are actually more gold colored, they look reddish in the picture.
I don't think anyone actually needs a tutorial, I'm assuming that like most of my DIY projects, one can just look at it and keep up. So, here's the finished product:

Not bad, I guess.

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