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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Unusual, Adorable, Easy, One Piece Outfit Refashion

I have a strange affinity for one piece articles of clothing. Dresses make sense, but the pants+shirt as a single unit type items can come off as a little unusual. I plan to do a post with pictures of all my items like this. They go by many names: jumpsuit, romper, jumper, catsuit...uh, onesie.
Anyway, I did a quick Goodwill trip last week and I grabbed this vintage (probably late 80s, but that's old) jumpsuit for $4.99.

It was all loose-fitting at the top, and had to be worn with a little tube top underneath. The pants are freakin' huge. They look like a dress, but they're totally pants. I was told that they are called "palazzo" pants. I can't explain, but I really liked them. Not as much as this lady liked hers, though:
I don't do weird stuff either

Of course, as is, that jumpsuit wouldn't do. By the way, that woman keeps calling hers a pantsuit. Pantsuits are what Hilary Clinton wears, that's not a pantsuit. So, using my method of hastily making cuts and pinning together, I got started.

The top was too long, and the waist kinda low, so I just made a cut in the middle of each shoulder.

Then I put it back on and pinned it the way I thought it worked best, before sewing it up. Of course, I hand sewed it messily, so I sewed a ribbon over that.

Look how cute that bodice came out and I hardly had to do any work! It took hardly any skill at all. And how'd I change the bottom part?
Nothing! No change! I'm keeping them huge-ass pants that way.
Then I took a bunch of pics. 
 Top before, top after

Dear god, I guess i just liked every pictured I took.

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  1. Very cute! I love culottes, rompers, pantsuits, all of it! Good job DIY'ing too and making it work for you.