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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Bet I Can Wear this Skull Shirt to Work Tomorrow

I made this shirt, but I made it fast, right before bedtime. So, I neglected to take pictures of the process. However, it's mind-numbingly simple, I think anyone who likes the idea can follow without a step by step pic tutorial.

Basically, I cut little sparkly skulls off of one shirt and attached them to another.

I got that black shirt at Savers, probably. It was recent, but I honestly don't remember. It's a size large, too, how did I even end up with it? I really like the drape of it, and how it covers my butt when I want to wear leggings (the cool kind with the pockets.) Anyway, after a couple wears, I was devastated to find a little hole in the front.
I had this unflattering, polyester top that I bought while I was still involved with wrestling and my colors were black and gold. I don't think I ever wore it, but before getting rid of it, I scavenged the three sparkly skulls. I just cut them out of the shirt.
I'm gonna call this project, "easy-ass 'appliques' shirt" and applique is quoted to imply that you can't really call this technique that. Step 1: cut design or designs out of a shirt, sheet, curtain, or whatever you got.
Step 2: arrange your little cut outs on your shirt in a way you'd think they will look good and pin them in place.
Step 3: Try it on before permanently attaching to see where the designs end up. I almost made skull pasties, it's a good thing I tested the shirt first.
Step 4: Make sure the shirt is laid on a hard surface and place something like freezer paper or wax paper in between the layers.
Step 5: I chose not to use the iron-on method because of the hard sparkle things. I didn't think it would work. So, I used a paint brush to apply fabric glue to back of the cut outs before pressing them in place.
I let them dry and that was about it.
I love the outfit because it's allegedly "badass." The pants are those leggings by Hue that come packaged like tights but are pretty thick like real pants. My parents bought them for me for Christmas and they are actually pretty flattering for a fat-bottomed girl like me. 
By they way, this was one of those days, when my pics were just coming out lousy and I was pretty "meh" on fixing that. Also, my hair was in desperate need of a color touch up (done). So, here, I saved a few with retouching.

look how annoyed I look
But wait, there's more. See that necklace? I made that, too. I had that black chain with unbreakable links that I didn't know what to do with. I folded it in half and attached it at the top and bottom with jump rings.
For the bow, I cut two pieces of ribbon and for each, I folded the sides over so that the ends met in the middle and glued them. Then I took my two pieces and crossed them over each other, gluing them together. I cut a smaller third piece of ribbon and folded it over the center of crossed ribbons and glued that in place, leaving some room in the back to fit it over the chain. I made little holes in the ribbon with a pin and used that hole to attach jump rings to hold them in place on the chain.
Have an easy-ass DIY Halloween!

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