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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Cute, Not Necessarily Useful

Very few of the items I bring home are actually necessary, but...I don't know where I was going with that. Here are my things!

This adorable owl clock with its faux wood and half done paint job on the leaves. I just couldn't pass it up, maybe I can sell it some day. Until that day; welcome to my kitchen, owl mom and baby. (I used an "effect" to edit this photo, for some reason.)

 Owl clock- $3.99 from Savers. Not sure if it works, I don't have any spare D batteries around.

 String art! (Yes, I have too much light in this picture, my bad) I have never purchased string art, but this old car on black felt is in pretty good condition and cost $1.50! At first, I didn't notice that stray nail, now staring me in the face.
What the hell was attached to that nail?
This is...some sort of mushroom sculpture...ceramic mushrooms on wire, stuck in a cement slab or something. $1, Goodwill? OK. Maybe I should paint them red?

Old timey looking thermos, $2.99 but half off! So, $1.50. This picture makes it look blue, not turquoise.Let me Google that for you...
a better picture
A vintage red dress for a refashion, from Savers for the high price of $5.99. I have a vision and think it will look cool after I kill that little collar and take up the length.

A bird pin, a bow pin, and a necklace made up of Xs. From Savers, $2-$4. I got these to test out my jewelry painting craft. I'm gonna slap some paint on these and see how it works.

Here are a few things I did not buy at Savers:
That cute Niagara Falls souvenir tray.
That old timey humidifier with the instructions still inside! I thought it said "devil bliss" at first glance, and that piqued my interest. I could totally use a humidifier, too; they keep the air from drying out during the winter! They also had this one:
That's clearly for a child's room, but that's pretty cool. Both were $4.99. In hindsight, I probably should've picked one up. Also, look at this purse:
Now, the leather is kinda worn, but after checking it out, this Coach bag seems legit. At $9.99, it would've been fun to try some leather dye like I've seen on blogs.
This guy. Why don't I own him? It's a gnome on a swing, hanging from an awesomely colored tree. I regret leaving that treasure behind. Even Lady Liberty back there seems annoyed with me.
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  1. I like that thermos, you found some fun stuff!