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Thursday, October 31, 2013

What I'm Wearin': Fall Stuff; No Pumpkins or Anything

Here are some pictures of some outfits I thought were fun. That's about it. After viewing them, I recolored my hair with a quickness. Sorry they're indoors with no falling leaves, pumpkins, and/or pumpkin spice lattes to imply it's Fall-ness.

Sweater: Goodwill $4.99, skirt: Family Outfitters $2.00, tights: Express found at Marshalls $2.99, shoes: I've had them so many years that I no longer remember acquiring them.
I love my teal colored tights. I also like the teal/gray color combo.Bows are also pretty fun to wear.
Sweater: Goodwill $4.99, dress: Savers $5.99, necklace: Savers $2.99
The black maryjane shoes are vintage '90s (lol, I know that's not vintage, but people are wearing style from this era as if it was.) I don't remember buying them, but I have a feeling they were secondhand. I remember wearing them to stand at ringside during a hardcore (weapons used) wrestling match many years ago, like 2005. I got some thumbtacks stuck in the bottom of the soles and left them there, where they remain to this day.


This blue dress was from a thrift haul back in September and I guess I was waiting for the right time to wear it. I wore it for school picture day and blue is actually our school color, so...yea, spirit or something. I didn't want to go crazy styling it, I tried to keep it kinda simple. I'm calling it vintage because it's clearly not from this era. Probably '80s, but it has an old timey look to it.

Dress: Savers $6.99
I'm not exactly sure how this is an autumn outfit...It's silk, so that's too sweaty for summer, and I've got a little cardigan, so that's fallish.

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