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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Check out this sweet rack

I'm sorry, that was off color. Innuendos like that have no place in the thrift blogosphere, right?
Yeah, anyway...what you're looking at is the only item I purchased this week. I'm really not supposed to be purchasing at all for the moment, but there's a little thrift store that I drive by on my way home from work every day. Like I'm not gonna stop in. Check out that sweet magazine rack! Now check out the price!
Two bills? Well, that hardly counts as buying. I'm kind of a sucker for stuff like this. You know, the obvious repurpose, something to use for storage. It's kind of counterproductive for someone like me. I'm collecting stuff to hold stuff that I already collected in order to make room for more collecting. It reminded me of that Xzibit meme we used to share back in the day. Remember that one?
Something to that extent, I didn't work to hard on the wording. So, when I brought it inside, I just dropped it next to a record stand that I'm using to house shoes (it's not very functional as a shoe rack, actually.)

I guessed that for the moment, I could take some of the shoes crammed on/piled on the floor and stick them in the magazine rack. Woah! I could put all sorts of accessories in it!
I do apologize for the picture quality
I could put books in it!
I can't wait to get that thing outside to sand it and slap some spray paint on it!
Eww, not today
Anyway, this thing will go with other industrial office looking items that I use to store craft supplies:
File organizer dealie on the left was was a $.99 Goddwill buy with scrapbook paper and books in it. Metal dealie on the right was taken from a pile marked "free" in the teacher's lounge. Free metal file thingie? Score!
That important looking metal safe is holding some super important flashcards and was $2.99 at Savers. The paint holder is obviously an old spice rack, $1.99 from Goodwill. It spins.
There's the record stand with less shoes on it, so it can be appreciated $4.99). There's an awesome atomic...another record holder, I guess, with some stickers and paper scraps ($.99). Also, that rolling cart thing we all haul around at flea markets ($2.99) is housing some wrapping paper and posters at the moment. All from Goodwill, I think.

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  1. Buying something to organize what you already have is a necessity! It doesn't count as a real purchase :-)


  2. You found some great organizational stuff!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Now, to go get more stuff.

  4. Jealous! I really like that magazine rack!