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Friday, October 11, 2013

Sorry About the Delay; Here's a Planet Dress

Here's why I'm a jerk: I start some big, long story and then leave it hanging. I took Monday as a rest day and then every other day this week, I came home from work with a migraine (technically, I was fine yesterday and made a quick Goodwill trip after work--then I got the migraine.) For once, I don't care that I'm home alone on Friday because my head hurts. For those who have never experienced a migraine, check yo'self with a quick wikipedia click.
Luckily for me, I live in an age where medicine is available and I'm insured. The drug, Imitrex, that I use to treat my migraines takes care of the symptoms (pain on one side of head, pain behind the eyes, sensitivity to light/sound) but causes side effects like tiredness and weakness.
I completed and photographed this project a few weeks ago. Then put together most of the blog post, but I've been sitting on it until I've completed my writing. Just starting a three day weekend, surely I'll finish My Story quite soon.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present; the planet dress!

I made it out of the curtain I got a few weeks back

I had that plain, black dress (and apparently, I only took one bad quality picture before the project) that I saw as a blank canvas for a refashion. I thought that curtain would be an easy place to try this applique technique..

fabric with large print/pattern to make appliques
iron-on adhesive
sweater (optional)

1. First, I cut out some planets from my curtain. The panel seemed to feature Saturn, Earth, Mars, a comet, and Uranus...Yes, I threw that last planet in for a cheap laugh. Uranus is featured in my project.

2. I then arranged them on my dress. Then I thought it looked a little sparse and added more before rearranging.

3. Using my Heat n Bond adhesive stuff, I followed the directions on the package to attach said adhesive to the back of my cut outs.
 The instructions tell you to hold iron on the paper liner and then cut to size or shape needed. Anyone see where I may have gone wrong?
That's the iron shaped space around the planet I was working on.

I've used this product before, but I think that I previously saw that coming and made adjustments.

4. Once I adhesive-backed all of my little planets, I ironed them one by one onto my dress. I used the picture to remind me of where I wanted them. I only added planets to the skirt part of the dress, the bodice part was a little small.
It was then that I realized I needed a coordinating sweater. Then I realized I was gonna look like a colossal nutjob.

5. Either way, I carried on and found that the best sweater for the job would be this turquoise one. Seeing as though I had many Saturns, that's what I used.

Hey...has anyone read any of the Magic School Bus books? I know what I just made myself look like...

Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus
 I haven't worn this to school yet, I'm waiting for the right occasion. I definitely did consider trying one of the many galaxy fabric DIYs out there. Then I was like, "keep it simple, stupid. You'll probably screw up and bleach your eye out, kid." I kinda miss the look of the original curtains with their spattered paint look, but I've got more material and plenty of time for more crappy projects.

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