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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Might Just be Presents for Me

My goal for this weekend was to register an Etsy shop, so I can start thinning out the hoard around here. But an Etsy shop?! It's scary! It's overwhelming! I'll do it later!
I did practice some photography techniques and I grabbed the dress form I've been stashing at my parents' place. When my pictures still sucked, I took the internet's advice and made a cheap light box (from supplies in parents' basement) and borrowed a white sheet for backdrops (from my parents' linen closet.) That's about as thrifty as it comes.
Oh, I went to a thrift store.

First thing I picked up is that cute little mail organizer. "Stamps?" "Letters?" Those really are some old timey labels (because we don't use those much, these days). Look, some jerk put a sticker on the bottom, which I removed with homemade Goo-Gone and elbow grease. But, I don't think those labels are coming off. I bet I won't sell that mail organizer.

I got those tea towels and practiced my projector screen photography idea (nah). I love that balloons towel. The next thing I want to show you is a ceramic black cat. He's very similar to the three other black cats that I have. Kind of a long, boring story, about how I refused to break up a set of cats because my sister had the audacity to ask for one. I have this one solo cat chilling on a cabinet...but none of my cats are up for adoption. So, when I saw a fourth kitty, I thought he might make a nice gift. Until I put him alongside the solo cabinet cat. They're a pair. Check it.

Oh Hai!
I took a billion pics of this guy. I was practicing! Oh, look how dusty he was. Clearly he needed a good home, they couldn't brush a Swiffer over him?

It was at this time that I spotted the holy grail of a thrift store. I was browsing blankets and this woman was giving a quick once over to an adorable striped blanket. Ohmigod! A Hudson Bay! Just like the ones on all the home decor blogs! The store was kinda busy and I try not to waste time. As soon as the woman walked away, I just tossed the $5 score in my carriage and kept moving, my heart full of joy. I'm at the register and the woman behind me is all, "Nice Hudson Bay! Those things cost a fortune!"

So, when I got home and unfolded the thick, heavy, striped beauty I saw it was in excellent condition. Then heartbreak...no label. None of those stitched lines. My blanket is not legit.  It would never fetch me $300 on the internets. Still love you, blanket and you look lovely on my couch in my thrift-store decorated apartment. How much does it cost to get one of those big wool blankets cleaned?

Vintage red flower dress! Aside from the rather large shoulder area, this thing looks great on me. Even better than it does on that mannequin body. I also got a vintage black dress that looks pretty good. 

 Ugh, seriously? This is why I can't have an Etsy shop, my pictures are lame! I'm going to try again, using the white sheet in the living room with that good window light. Because once the huge shoulder pads come out, that dress is vintage hot.

My projector screen background shows off the skirt I probably have to wait until spring to wear. It's silk. Even over thick tights, it would just get all static-clingy.

Updating, this post because I forgot to add my luggage! I love old baggage!

I'm gonna fill it with cat litter (right now) and then use it for under bed storage. Unless I decide it's too cute and has to be visible storage.

 I actually bought this head (bust?) a few weeks ago. I had it in my cart, then I put it back. When I went back a few days later to exchange something, it was still there and only $2 instead of $4. Aloha, miss!
Sorry that I didn't buy any Christmas decorations to show off. I hear this time of year is a little rough on sad sacks like me. So, I better keep collecting stuff to cheer me up.
Hopefully the link ups are going on this week, I'm sure people are busy. Possibly linking at A Living Space
and Sir Thrift A Lot. And Thrifter Maker Fixer Farm.


  1. I love that letter sorter, and the black cats are very cool. I actually just found a Hudson Bay blanket in a thrift a few weeks ago. Over the weekend, I took a deep breath and washed in cold/gentle then draped it over some patio furniture to dry. It worked beautifully!! I think the key is to use a washer without an agitator, like a front loader, because [I've read] the agitator can cause pilling. Anyway...your blanket is awesome, even without a label. Nice find! :)

  2. My parents have a front loader, I'll just toss it in with some Woolite. Thanks, I almost went to a cleaner.

  3. someone will LOVE the mail sorter with the labels on--make a shop--sell your JUNK!! make more money buy more stuff--repeatXXXX --thanks for linking up to Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm

  4. Argghhh blogger ate my original WITTY comment--so get an Etsy Store sell stuff make money buy more stuff REPEAT thanks for linking up to Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm

  5. Thank you, Laura! I'm getting started on etsy, one baby step at a time and slowly. Basically, for the reason you said; sell things so that I can buy more things! More old stuff!