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Saturday, December 28, 2013

After Christmas

I took some pictures of my holiday crap before I have to put it away on New Years. I never put decor up early enough to have enough time to appreciate it. This is my first year without a retail job or college finals. It's pretty nice to not feel busy all the time in December. Because taking down holiday swag combined with the end of the year can be hella sad, I snapped a few pics. Because for me, the time to share my decorations with the handful of blog readers is after Christmas.

Oh, I have excuses, too! I mentioned in my blog post before Xmas, that I would have to wait until the 26th to blog/work on Etsy shop. Guess what happened on the 25th in the evening? Sore throat and cough. Come on! I spend the whole year in a petri dish known as a kindergarten classroom and after five days off, that's when I got a cold? That slowed me down. Anyway, that wreath that looks like ornaments is not a DIY--it's a Goodwill find from a couple years back. It looks kinda old, but it could be some K-Mart thing, Idgaf.
Those deer under the cheese dome is obviously something I made myself. I found those lovely spotted deer last spring, and they've been waiting to be displayed. So, they're under glass with some fake moss and some brush trees. Oh, I should mention that the dome has cute little mushrooms etched on, which you can kinda see on the left of it.

There it is next to a shot glass of milk and an ashtray of Ghiradelli chocolate squares, while surrounded with a plaid glow. That's a candle gifted to me by a child, actually. And for whatever reason, I wanted to use the cheesy holiday borders on the picture editing website. I appreciate the effects for their kitsch value.

That's my tree...I feel like I'm doing an old-timey slideshow for a presentation or something. I don't think anyone looking at this needs the narration. It's small and silver, ta da.

Look at that thing. I love that planter that's shaped like a hollowed out log. It's got even more deer in it! I got those when I got the ones under the mushroom dome. There they are in the log, next to a brush tree and a silver pine cone. That little guy in front lost an ear. I should also point out that the square boxy thing it's sitting on is also a DIY. I love buying those square wooden wall shelf things. You know what I'm talking about. They usually come nested in a group of three and they're meant to be mounted on the wall for knick knacks? I used wood grain wall paper (from Target last year--that roll's got me through a lot of projects) and attached it with Mod Podge. I obviously chose the faux bois look as one of my "things.'

More brush trees! There they are under some cloches! (Legitimate cloches, not like the one with the deer under it.) Also, I used the lame-ass effects again. Pine branches are cute, amirite?

There's a picture of my window. None of my window pictures came out all that great, even with the frost effect.
That's my kitchen table. I just moved the junk mail and swept the crumbs off for a photo op.
And for the final after Xmas photo...

Behind those totally real candles is my gift from my folks. Yes...it's still in the box. I'm afraid I might break it, or set it up wrong...or I'm a sucky seamstress. Imma set it up later.

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