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Monday, December 23, 2013

Thrift Hoard: Sell, Gift, and Keep

It's the season to avoid stress and get some rest/quiet time for anyone who's afraid the holidays could set them back down the crazy spiral. So, the Etsy Shop listings have to wait. First, the weather has been ugly. I count on natural light to make my pics look halfway decent, and with my schedule/apartment, there's literally a very small window for which to try and snap some pics. I got this incredible vintage, patterned dress from last Saturday's 50% off for club members day at Savers. It's really fun, but you'd never know it from the way my pictures came out.

There's a preview, I think I'll actually have to put the dress on, if I want to sell it. Which I don't. But, that's what I have to do, if I have an Etsy shop, right? I also took a quick shot of this next dress, without even ironing it. My place ends up looking like Santa's workshop in these days before Christmas, so I'm not setting up a proper shoot.

It was really inexpensive, and I like picking up things like that because they are like blank canvases for a creative person to refashion or style. It's kind of a dowdy looking thing, but the color is nice and I can think of many ways to upgrade it. It came without a belt, so I tied a ribbon around it, and then I remembered that I had a necklace with a bow that looks like it. Now picture it with the sleeves rolled up and a little off the bottom. It could work! Probably something for the shop, after the holidays.

Fondue sticks? At $0.50, I guess I didn't need to overthink this purchase. They're in an original box with some fun colors and I was thinking I could put it together with some like-colored items of the same era and sell that.

Jewelry isn't usually part of Savers' half off sales, and it's always the last thing I look at. I don't always bring too much home. I've been into cute brooches since we hit sweater weather, especially since I started painting them. The leaf was $2.99 and the bow/heart locket was $1.99. (The locket doesn't fully close, I realized. I'll work on a fix.) Possible gifts, if I DIY 'em.

That cherry with a silver-tone stem was only a buck, and I put it on my green sweater because it's actually kinda a cape and one can't really do a necklace with it.

I That vintage-y tablecloth was also picked up from the Savers sale and it's going to be a gift for my mama, because she likes old-timey table linens.

 Look at the retro picture on that old cutting board! It's so beautiful! And luckily, it's previous owner had the good sense to use the other side for cutting--it's in great condition! It reminds me of the illustrations from Margaret Wise Brown books. I think The Winter Noisy Book (via My Vintage Avenue) came to mind. I'll try and sell this one after the holidays.

And what to my wandering eyes did appear? Some cheesy brush trees and eight plastic reindeer. I made some cheap, and hastily put together terrariums for coworker gifts! It's the thought that counts... Full report on those, this week...probably. Does anyone really need me to show them how I made terrariums? I probably did 'em wrong anyway. Those reindeer were found in the Savers plastic bag section, last year--right around January, when I had already gifted some terrariums without the proper woodland creatures. So, I finally put those things to good use.

Happy Thrift-mas, everyone. Linking up at A Living Space and Sir Thrift A Lot., maybe elsewhere!

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  1. That first dress, the cutting board and the deer are glorious, I say! :D