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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thrift Hoard: It's just a few smalls!

First, "It's just a few smalls!" is my preemptive defense cry to anyone who would object to my weekly collecting. Also, I really like using the term "smalls," when discussing collectibles. This week, I'm hoarding a whole bunch of the S + P.
If you're humming "Push It," you're doin' it right
Sadly, no--not the talented rap trio, Salt n Pepa. The cashier asked me if I collected salt and pepper shakers. I didn't mean to! But, apparently I'm doing that. Man, I love those old timey, kitschy little works of art! Look at these!

I've got a proper lamp and some daylight hours tomorrow
Of course, one of those elephants has a little hole cracked in it's back, right under where's its price tag was. Also, after a quick Goo Gone wash, the markings that read "Japan" were washed away. Really?
Given that one of the guys has a crack, should I still try and sell them? Should I sell them all together or as two separate sets? Because, honestly, I don't see how that duck and mouse are a pair.

While scoping out the rest of the kitchen stuff, I spotted the set of awesome mushroom canisters that had been on the shelf during my previous trip. I don't remember the price, but I know I didn't want to make the commitment of purchasing/storing/possibly one day shipping the heavy things. So, when I saw the matching salt and pepper shakers they seemed like a good alternative to the cookie jar, etc. 

Do. Not. Giggle. Yeah, they're fleshy looking mushrooms, what of it? I love mushroom decor. I love how they're immediately dated to a certain era; the seventies, when trends were all "nature" and such. That is an adorable sugar bowl, shaped like a wood stump with acorns, leaves, and pen shrooms on it!

Fancy a little cheese? On this little cutting thing? Is that what this is? It has fruit on it, so maybe that's what it's for.  The whole thing is 6" by 9", it's not like you're gonna slice a pineapple on it. Look, the knife is held in place with that little red magnet. I'll list this. I will!

More S + P?! Yes, more salt and pepper. I actually picked these up a couple weeks back, but they were too insignificant to show here. I was thinking that little items like this that I pick up for next to nothing could be sold with another item, so it's worth it to ship. Like, matching place mats or something. Do sellers do that?

 There's something I didn't bring home. That gorgeous, jade green Dr. Scholl's foot massager thing. I'd love to have it just to stick on a shelf in the bathroom. 12.99, Goodwill?
I think you know what I'm saying.
 Oh, and I seem to recall committing to list a bunch of items after Christmas, but I got a cold instead. I feel better. I'm working on it...
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  1. Great items you found! I love collecting S&P's, especially the old "fruit and veggie people" ones. Luckily they are small and don't take up a lot of space....which I am quickly running out of. Happy New Year!

  2. Love the finds! And Salt n Peppa for ever :D