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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cake and Little Shorts!

The temps just dropped. It's New England\, and it's winter, therefore I've heard that we're not allowed to dislike/take issue with the cold. Ok, fine; I love freezing my ass off and having dry skin!
To my fellow cold people; have you considered bulking up for winter? Like a bear preparing for hibernation, I tend to load up around this time. Mostly sweets like cake, whoopie pies, and cookies. Luckily, I took these pics a little while back. Before I declared war on any baked good that should cross my path, and before I put my shorts away to make room for big, dumb, thick pants.

Considering my poor eating habits, distaste for exercise, advanced age, etc...not bad, huh? I'm pleased with the look of my legs. The shorts are from Forever 21, via Goodwill for about $5, I think. The bow necklace is a DIY ( it started as a gold bow brooch). I changed it out for that cat pin. This picture doesn't do it justice, it looks like the cat is waving its first, telling other cats to get off its porch The sweater comes with a tale of woe. Purchased from Savers a few years ago, this merino wool, teal (freakin' awesome tone) cardigan became one of my favorite articles of clothing. Look, I don't know how, but it somehow got into the dryer. Heartbroken, I cast my tiny little sweater into a pile, thinking maybe I'd use the material to make arm-warmers or at least scavenge the kickass buttons. Then, I decided I'd try and save it and followed an e-how tutorial to unshrink wool. It sorta worked. It looks ok, in these pictures, but it's still pretty misshapen and will never again be the glorious sweater it once was. (Single tear rolls down my cheek.)

Oh, hello. The point of this post was supposed to be sharing a cake recipe, and I'm rambling about sweater shrink and damn short shorts. Here I am with a different top of outfit. So, if you want to get a nice little extra layer of fat, here's a cake that can only be described like this:

It's called an Italian love cake--I'm guessing--due to its inclusion of ricotta cheese. That kinda sounds nasty, but canolis do it, right?
Here's two hastily snapped cell phone pics (I already cut out a piece, then put it back in the fridge before I thought of getting a picture, what was I gonna do, prolong eating and style a cake photo shoot?)

Here's what's in it!
One boxed fudge marble cake mix
2 lbs of ricotta chese
3/4 cup of sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp of vanilla
1 box of instant chocolate pudding
1 cup of milk
1 8 oz. thing of Cool Whip

Are you getting the hint that this is something that appeals to me because of all the shortcuts? Cool Whip? Instant pudding? Woah, don't cook to hard, lazy ass.
1. So, you make the cake mix as directed on the box, then pour that batter into a greased and floured 9x13 pan. But, don't bake it!
2. In a separate bowl, combine ricotta, sugar, eggs, and vanilla, then mix it good.
3. Pour that stuff on top of the unbaked cake batter. Bake at 350 for one whole hour, then let it cool.
4. Mix pudding with milk and then fold in Cool WHip (I don't know what "fold" means in this case. Mix slowly?)
5. Use pudding-whip to frost up the cake. Eat it, and watch the lbs pile on.

Here's my outfit, again because I'm vain. The mustard colored sweater does it's job of being a trendy color and hiding the junk in my trunk. It also, however, has a strange bunching in the front thigh area. That's why I'm posing with it funny-ly.
That bird necklace. I really love it, it adds a touch of cute to any outfit. I just feel like it's such a common motif; the flying bird necklace, how original, right?

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