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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Yeeeeaars!

I don't always party, but when I do; I party hard. Actually, that was the old me, the 2014 me will behave. But, my clothes won't. Ok, they will. What I'm trying to say is: New Years is a time when one's outfit is meant to celebrate along with the wearer. I could drape myself in sequins...
I was fortunate enough to be invited to the party of a longtime friend; The War Machine Sin, an old time WAW-er who started at the same time as me. He's doing really well for himself, so I'm so pleased that he invited me to the home he shares with his lovely girlfriend.
Anyway, here are my dress options. These are either refashions or re-styles. Let's see:

I thought this picture showed off the cool pleats in this dress, but I'm not seeing them. It also has a cool jagged hem. It might be more of a re-style than a refashion, I wouldn't change too much if anything.

Isn't that some kind of business dress? WTF, am I Nancy Pelosi, or something? Well, as you can see, the piece is awesome. As you can also see, it doesn't button around my ass area. Shut up! The sleeves are also tight. Therefore, this would be a refashion and I would make it all fancy.

That's kind of a plain dress, but it's very flattering and it's blank canvas for DIYing. But, no sleeves or straps. I'd be pulling on it all night. Also, look how it ties in the back with those thick pieces? The knot doesn't stay tied and it looks weird.

That one also doesn't have straps. Same story; it might annoy me.

After looking at those pics, I realize I wouldn't change anything about that vintage 70s dress. I love the length, the waist, and that criss cross in the front.

It appears I forgot to get a picture of me wearing this dress. It's too late now, there's a crappy image on my last post if you're curious (I know you're not.) That one's a but of an overhaul. It's got holes and an ugly, ripped bow. Also, the buttons are broken. Fits nice, though.
So, those are my options. Just sit there on the edge of your seat until I reveal my choice tomorrow!

Edit: It's very cold because it's New England, apparently.. This could sway my decision.

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