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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thrift Haord: Almost for Sale

I've been a little busy and headach-y. I also finally went ahead and opened that etsy shop, I keep threatening to start. I started...but, it's a time consuming task for me, as I learn the ropes and I'm not ready to show it off yet, because I've only posted 5 items. I finally settled on naming it "Sweet Scores Vintage" because I like alliteration, I wanted to convey a not-too-serious tone, and wanted to use a word like "score" to refer to the luck I have in my thrift searching.
And I have done plenty of that this week; that's why I said "I was busy," although I'm not sure if thrift store loitering counts as a chore. For the moment, I give to you, some pics of what I found, and I'll totally finish listing them on etsy tomorrow.

Look how lovely that purple, plaid, Pendleton wool skirt is (like I said; alliteration.) Got it at Goodwill, where I spent many hours. I wanted it so badly to fit me, but alas, too tight for my pear shape so it's up for grabs. I actually listed it: purple skirt. Ok, I guess I am showing you the beginning of my shop. It'll get there!

I'm having some trouble getting good lighting, especially since this weather is sunless and I'm having issues finding light bulbs for my task lamps. Anyway, I got some cute little plant embroideries when I bought that skirt.

I really like this dress. I took many pictures and I'll have go go through them and maybe edit to get the best representation. It's like an 80s interpretation of 40s or something, with a goth-y colored bird print! It's also got these unusual kimono sleeves. I may have broken some reselling rule, but I had to remove the ginormous  shoulder pads. There's no way anyone would want them, and they were ridonkulous looking. Another thing that I really want for myself, but it's way too big on a shorty like me. If I can't sell it, I'll refashion, but it did set me back a five spot, at Savers so I wouldn't want to destroy it on accident.

This is the old timey task lamp (with faux wood grain that like to holla at)  that none of the light bulbs I had fit into. I guess when that happened, I must've slapped it in front of the camera like, "fine, I'll just sell you, too! Also from Savers.

 I almost always grab atomic looking magazine/record stands when I see them, and this was no exception. The shiny metal was pretty discolored and worn off, so I actually just grabbed my spray paint and put a coat of black on, rather than leaving it around until the mood to paint struck. Oops, those pics should've been with my Goodwill trip.

If you think that kilt looks good on the mannequin, you should see it on me (sorry, that was presumptuous.) But, seriously...I got it at Savers when I found that bird dress and I really want to keep this, but I'm supposed to sell things. What if I wear it just once? I mean, it's a secondhand item, why not a third lower body get involved? I just love the festive colors, the length, the back pleats, the straps, and the perfect fit! Please don't buy this, k?

This dress is great, even if the picture could be better. It appears to be handmade with some 1960s barkcloth and a great atomic pattern.
Oooh, it's so retro, I could die
It really looks more like the greenish color, depending on the lighting. It feels like an old couch, though. Still awesome, just a little big for me.
It is now my bedtime, but I assure you, I have much more to show off. I wish I could do this faster. Goodnight, but first I'll link up with Sir Thrift A Lot and hopefully more tomorrow.

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