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Friday, December 6, 2013

I Like Plaid part 2; Not Sure it's Plaid

I bought this dress over the summer, when I was in full on dress hoarding mode. I remember it was at Goodwill marked $7.99 and it was half price. I was looking forward to wearing it to school in the fall, but I never got around to it, because of the high temps in the classroom. I still haven't worn it to school, due to it's lack of "move-ability.' It doesn't stay in place, right, and that's just not practical for all day wear.

I'm just not sure the print qualifies as plaid

That handbag is probably my favorite. I don't remember buying it, probably at TJ Maxx. It wasn't expensive, I know the handles are gonna break, eventually. Don't remember buying that studded belt, either. It wasn't made to cinch waists; it's more of a hip belt because it doesn't have the necessary notches to pull it tight. The buckle is just barely holding the belt on in back.

That's why I don't smile much for my pics, even that half-happy upturn of the eyes looks bizarre. I edited the image, ok? Oh, you know what's lame? I put that sparrow necklace (that every rockabilly appreciating chick has) on my neck to make the dress look a little more fun and you can't even see it. Look at how well worn those vintage 90's (lol) maryjane shoes look.

You're never fully dressed without a scowl
Hey, I added another article of clothing. That thick, black, knit thing over my shoulders is a cape. It's a recent Goodwill find, another half price score ($2.50). It's a medium, but as a cape, I guess it's supposed to be big. I could do without the zipper though, I prefer buttons.

On my last post, I previewed this Banana Republic dress by calling it "Mad Men looking." The cut reminded me of a Joan dress (oh, it's apparently built for Christina Hendricks, the bodice has plenty of room). When I Googled "Mad Men Joan dress," the search engine suggested "Joan Banana Republic dress." Oh, no kidding. This dress wasn't among the search results, but you hear me, right?
Bitch, please.

How do ya like my awkward attempt at a smile on the right? I should stick to the angry, sad pose.

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