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Friday, September 27, 2013

Thrift Hoard: First of the Fall Season

This is a pillow sham with colors/design I really liked for $1.99. I'll try to use the fabric, somehow. Moving on...
That's some pastel colored lace fabric, I'm gonna try to use that curvy edge for the bottom of a skirt or dress. (It's a nice minty color, which is hard to tell on account of my cheesy cell phone pics.) $1. Again, moving on...

Woah, look at those cool space curtains! That's just one valance, there were two, priced separately for $2.99 each. I plan to try and cut out some planets and make them into appliques for a skirt.

I love old library books with their adorable vintage illustrations. "My Days are Made of Butterflies?" OK, kid.
CHRIS. Your "3" is backwards. Please fix it.

That top is not only a bust maximizer, it's got a cool little print.

What's this? A vintage dress with a scalloped edge! I've seriously failed at almost every scalloped DIY that I've attempted, so this is awesome. Also, heart shaped buttons. These pics are not good. What do you want, they're phone pics, hastily snapped while on a high from a huge thrift score. I assure you, this dress is more impressive in person.

LOL whut. I bought that one on a dare. Hey, look! I'm an teacher from the old days! I really like the old timey look of the plaid and colors. I can either try and re-sell (soon) or attempt a refashion of the shirt to make it a cute sleeveless crop top. Yeah, it's a two piece.

This blue dress was really my favorite. It's another vintage number. It's silk and comes below the knee making it look kinda fancy for school, but it's just so cute and that's our school color. I'll make it work.

I always think that I'm escaping the store and then I hit the jewelry. At this point, I've usually been there a while and my decision making skills lapse a bit. I had no business buying anything, but I got those cute yellow beads (they're kinda big); that adorable, waving, vaguely Asian-like cat pendant; and that sweeeeet star toggle chain necklace. Look, I put it next to those Scrabble letters, bearing a helpful label!
 Oh, wait! I totally forgot about the Forever 21 romper (lol that word) for $2.99! Can we wear those in the fall? 
Hellz yeah. It's got 3/4 length sleeves. Plus, I added seasonal colored tights and boots, k?

At the moment, I really can't afford to keep taking home big thrift store hauls--unless, I finally do like the rest of you thrift junkies and resell, which I've been thinking about doing for a while now. So, I started this blog and I'm taking baby steps. I don't plan on making tons of money, probably just enough to break even and support my vintage/used stuff addiction.
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