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Friday, September 27, 2013

Cool, Sea Glass

That, people, is a big ol' bag of sea glass. You know; busted bottles and such that have been weathered and softened by the ocean's tide. And I found a huge bag of it for $1!
Here's some "research"
Not impressed? Whatever. As a child, I had a bff whose family was like my own and they collected this stuff. I've always envied it and marveled at the beautiful shards of frosty looking pastel glass. I've found smaller quantities of the stuff before and I usually just dump it in an apothecary jar and let it sit there. Maybe I'll try to make some art? I thought. Yeah, "art."

As you see, I patiently sat there and sorted out a bunch of it by color. I found an open frame with two sides that are lined with dark velvet for which to use my glue gun and stick glass to it.

The collector of this sea glass had some imposters in the bag. I'm like, "you can't fool me, you're just regular glass from a beer bottle. You can't fool me, you're a rock."

The frame was a dated, dark, fake wood so I had to paint it. Ugh. Because the surface was so shiny, I had to prime it first. I dislike that, because I like to finish things without waiting for layers to dry. I like to see immediate progress, not wait overnight! As few steps as possible, that's my mantra. Once all the paint was mostly dry, I arranged pieces of glass on the velvet surface.

Ooh, a skeletal hand reaching up from its grave!
Actually, it's supposed to be a white birch tree! See, it's got the branches and dirt on the ground? Shut up. For the other side of the frame, I really wanted something nautical because it is sea glass. I didn't even take a picture of the sailboat I attempted to create. Maybe a lighthouse?

Nailed it
That wasn't working for me, so I tried an anchor.

Good enough. I plugged in the glue gun and started to glue each piece. My fine motor skills are kinda rough, because glass totally shifted in the gluing process. Either way; ta da!
Not bad, but not exactly my vision. I can live with it. By the way, if you're reading words that are in quotation marks with some sarcasm; you're doing it right.

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