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Saturday, September 21, 2013

These Dresses Are Too Damn Big

 The black polka dot dress is from Pinup Couture and the red is from Bebe. That Bebe was priced $9.99 on half off day!

The one on the left was spotted alongside the green flowery one from yesterday. Except, it should not have been there, because that dress is an X large. Imagine my disappointment, I see that cute polka dot pattern and red details only to find that the garment wouldn't fit me. Unless...I didn't actually have a plan, I just tossed it in the cart. It was so cute, I thought it might be worth attempting a re-size.
This is what it looks like when fitted properly.
The Bebe dress was something I picked up at Savers during their Labor Day half off pre-sale. I had just tried on a bunch of stuff and was hanging my head in shame because I wanted to bring home so much. I saw the woman hanging this on the put back rack and stared a minute. She offered it too me like some drug pusher to an addict.
It has this gorgeous satiny material and prints that remind me of bricks. Also, this interesting boning (giggle) around the waist that made it look like it was flatter. But, zoom in on that ticket, eagle eye. It says 13-14. "No way; mislabeled," I scoffed heading for the dressing room stall.
Look at those details! That fabric.
By now, my mom was waiting--I mean, my uh, friend was waiting (eyes dart nervously). She loved the dress and at $5, insisted. We have a seamstress friend who can help me. She's just really busy, seeing as though that's what she does for a living.
I was planning on posting these two dresses as a "before" post and then eventually get around to the after. Then, I started on the re-do. It took like, 2 minutes.
All I did was hand stitch a few darts on each of the bust areas:

See? I turned it inside out, gathered up a big pinch of fabric and pinned it. Then I put it right side out, tried it on (got it) and repeated on the other boob. Once pinned, I grabbed some black thread and sewed it by hand. I had a few no-sew ideas and tried using these things to take in the waist:
The have snowmen on them: I guess they're mitten clips
Those did nothing for me, so I tried it on and added this belt: 
I actually felt like it actually worked. It was kinda long, but I didn't feel like messing with the red detail at the bottom. It was bed time, but I was so pleased, I set up the tripod and grabbed some pics. 

It's cute in a different way than it's intended look! Down the line, I could always sexy it up, but I'm pretty pleased with this.

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