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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I'm Wearing: Possible Sunday Shopping with Mom

I'm seriously going to try and do "outfit of the day" posts, ya know; like real bloggers do. Today, I'm wearing one of my favorite t shirts even though the anchor on the front clearly makes it nautical (thus for summer) and it's definitely mid September. This top was once a girl's dress from Gwen Stefani's Mini Harajuku line which they sold at Target. I found this kid's XL dress at Goodwill, where such items are $1.99! A quick scissor hack and it's a small t shirt!
 What I'm Wearin'
 The pants...I'm a little unsure about them. I bought them from Savers over the summer for $5.99, and really didn't have much opportunity to wear them because they are tight at the top and it was so damn hot. They looked like pants I'd see on retro fashion online stores and worn by rockabilly chicks that I wanna be like. They're from a brand called "Vintage 1955" and when I Googled it, let's just say it's not high end. When pressed for an opinion, my sister referred to them as "not totally flattering." She asked me if I could remember that time Jessica Simpson got teased for wearing "mom jeans."

Well, these are different. They have huge wide legs and are meant to look old timey. Imma keep wearing them and decide some other day. I'm also rocking the ponytail plus bandana headband that I do a lot on my days off. In that mini shirt that I had on first, I paired it with green beads (flea market $1) but the high necked anchor top is jewelry free.

These high-waisted, retro, tight fitting, wide leg pants...yea or neigh?

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