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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jewelry Hacks

After picking up some tacky/awesome clip on earrings over the weekend, I was inspired to make some jewelry. When I say," make some jewelry" what I mean is, "I want to break multiple pieces of costume jewelry and then use glue and pliers to assemble other pieces of jewelry from the parts." Shall we?
 Such a COOL Spring necklace! Vintage parts, I love!
Look at that cool charm necklace from an etsy seller! (no longer available to purchase). I like the idea of a charm necklace and this one really reminds me of Betsey Johnson.

 Beautiful brooch necklace that enhances your neck and gives you a glowing shine

 via styleguru
That one is also quite fun looking and elegant. Perhaps, I could do something like that.

That one's cool, maybe less orange and fewer flowers (I'm not sure where that image originated from, "Pinterest" isn't exactly a source.)
So, after looking at some pics and reading some tutorials, I decided to gather my materials...

I had those big pieces in the shadow box that I rarely wear and a bunch of hanging necklaces...

Then I laid out a bunch of stuff on my coffee table. You might use: beads, cords, chains, and jump rings, like I have in that container on left ((btw, these are jump rings.) I've got various necklaces, a blue chalice with some big earrings inside, needle/thread, scissors, small jewelry pliers, piece of black felt, clip on earrings, and a box with various odds and ends,
Oh, I almost forgot; pills!

Just kidding! They're buttons!
Always have all necessary medications handy while crafting.
So, here's where I (a person with ADD) got into trouble. I had too much stuff in front of me and beginning became overwhelming.
Here are the clip ons that I really want to work around...
Look at this awesome bee necklace on a too long chain! It's a bee. Imma use you as part of a jewelry collage, little bee...

I sure do like that black leaves necklace and that fake gold chain is also fun.
More earrings. That's a sweater chain that I made last winter. 
So, I decided to start with this large silver colored chain. I folded the chain in two and tied a ribbon to each side, like this:
Now, I had to think about how I would make the things go on the links. The clip on earrings clipped on, but fell forward awkwardly, so I focused on pendants. I had an owl with an empty space on its belly and managed to find one button that fit within the circular spot. Then I had a silver cross charm. When attached, they really weighed the piece down, but I moved forward, reserving judgement until completed. On one side, I attached a cheapy bow pin.
Well, I like the chain, the ribbon, the large charms, and the asymmetry, but the right side was too empty. So, I went out and did some stuff for the afternoon and came home with this thing:

Here's what I got as a final result:

Meh...It's too heavy.
This week, I hope to try the earrings and buttons glued onto felt style of "jewelry making."
via kreativnostivana.wordpress.com
 Because I have yet to put away supplies. So, uh...stay tuned for that.

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