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Monday, September 2, 2013

End of Summer (and summer outfits worn in my apartment)

Even though I hadn't been blogging all summer, I had spent the good part of my days hitting up the thrift stores, attempting refashions, and taking pictures (not good ones) of my little projects, because I figured I would make a blog one day.
When I finally got around to it, it was late August. I had a lot of catching up to do if I wanted to show my shorts and nautical stuff before Labor Day (It's Labor Day now.) So, as I mentioned in my last post, I had an unexpected setback in my battle with depression. My boyfriend dumped me. And this week, my dad will have two heart valves replaced. I am seriously having a hard time coping and my family and I agreed I would stay at their place for a while. Today, my mom and I went back and I got my computer to I can upload a few pics. I'm just pleased that I'm out of bed and actually working on this dumb blog thing.

Playing with collage editor. Blue striped handmade skirt from Family Outfitters Thrift Store $.50!

Remember in the summer of 2013 when all the cute crafty-vintage bloggers were wearing scalloped edges? I figured it would be easy enough to make something like that...
(via stylesofia.com) See? Those are fun...
love her shorts! i need to get some:)
Well, hello, miss! Love the Little Debbie snack cakes hat! I want them little shorts. (via glitteredup.tumblr.com)
I found these hilarious, high-waisted granny pants, half off from goodwill . I only grabbed one pic before I hacked 'em.
What? You can hardly see them, why did I post this?
I totally planned it out, I put them on and marked roughly where I should cut them off into shorts, leaving them a little long so there would be room for error. Basically, I made a lot of errors. The pants were lined with a thin synthetic fiber and sheer nylon over it. Lining it up properly was hard. There was no way I was gonna try sewing any of that thin little material, so I needed smooth edges and that stuff that prevents fraying. Do not follow this tutorial.
First, I used a cup to trace circles at the bottom of the shorts. I had to use a laundry marker because of the material's thinness, and no the black marker did not come out in the wash. The cup traced scallops were too small and looked stupid and I can't even find a picture.
 So, I tried making big, wide scallops by tracing a bowl.
Seriously, don't even...

 I remember trying to make them a little longer in the back for extra coverage. I was totally gonna wear these and people would be all, "girl, where'd you get them awesome shorts?!" I even traced a template so both sides would be uniform.
LOL, don't be that person that remarks about its resemblance to a butt.
Anyway, that Fray Check stuff I used to finish the edges worked pretty well, but then the fabric kinda stuck to my black nylons when I tried to wear them underneath. (Yes, it's a thing; you can wear hosiery under shorts, look it up on Pinterest.) Anyway, here they are:
Nailed it.
Ok, so they're not too bad, right? Totally worth all that effort, right?! I even cut the bottom of a lingerie inspired shirt to make that cropped top I'm wearing in the photo.

Hey, I also made some black, high waisted shorts because I thought they looked cool on the interwebs. First, they were this romper. (by the way, I'm totally gonna discuss rompers again and the word is funny. Romper.) I found it at Savers in late August for $2.99! This tutorial was a little easier...
Step 1. Cut off the elastic-shirred tube top part of the thing leaving an inch or two to hold them up.
There is a very good reason that I'm putting pictures of my little outfits online...
I have no where to go. School starts this week, (Oh, I teach children btw) but for the most part, I'm living a reclusive existence and not by choice. I no longer have close friends to spend time with, nor a social circle to interact with. During the past year, I had what could be described as a part time boyfriend, as Mike lived an hour away and worked a long night shift. He would come up and from MA and spend Wednesdays and Thursdays with me and during those times I was happy. We would go roller skating, or to the beach, or out to eat, and sometimes we stayed in and watched Netflix. I loved being out there in the world with someone and I loved having someone to share things with.

Tomorrow, my mom says she wants to pay to get my hair did all fancy. It looks terrible now, roots showing and faded out. I normally do Spuercuts and buy the color from the beauty supply store, but my mom insists and I won't argue. I need to look my best so I can feel good when I return to work on Wednesday.
Goodnight, it's time to toss and turn in bed for a while.  

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