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Friday, September 20, 2013

What I'm Wearin': Spring Dress for September

This Target store dress is a recent purchase from Goodwill. A few years back, I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing something this...pleasant? Spring-like? I fancy myself a badass and I like my clothes dark. But, the large lily print had a unique 60s look and I tried it on for funsies. Even though it was a medium, I figured I could tighten the adjustable straps and use that belt to cinch it up. Aaaand, it was out of season, but I could darken it up a bit by adding black fall accessories.

Oh, hi there. I'm just hanging out in my tiny bathroom. Standing behind the sink, because apparently this space wasn't designed for photo shoots. The detachable belt is wrapped around twice and tied in the back.

Dress: Goodwill, 4.99; sweater: Savers, $3.99; necklace: Family Outfitters, $2; shoes: TJ Maxx: $30

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