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Monday, September 23, 2013

What I Didn't Buy at the Thrift Store

I've seen other bloggers do this. I took some cell phone pics of things that were cool but not coming home with me.

Look at those adorable owl shoes. My god, they're incredible. But, I honestly didn't see myself wearing them too much and they weren't all that comfortable, considering they're flats.

 Oh! Ooh! That's my six-year-old self getting all excited about that She-Ra game. I loooved her and would've really wanted that piece of sweet merch.

 Some sort of awesome old-timey Fisher Price farm toys and what looks like an awesome play radio. That silo had dominoes in it!

That squirrel clutching an acorn? I was so tempted. Buuuut, here's the thing: I don't have space because I haven't hung up my little shelves. I haven't done that because I need a drill. My dad has one, but seems convinced I'll tear my whole wall down if I try to use it. I can't ask him to come over and do it properly, because he's recovering from heart surgery so I don't ask for favors like that any more. I love you, mean looking owls, but I have more than enough of you.

 Aww yeah, it's an old projector! Look at that retro stylin' and blue color. I can't have it, it costs too much for a useless item that I'll never fix.
 I love old cocktail glasses that probably come from a Chinese restaurant! I think I've ordered a planter's punch before at the old Yee Dynasty...good times (sheds a tear).
 Latch hook rug thingies; those are awesome. Took me a moment to see that those are strawberries. Only $2? Still...what would I do with it?
A unicorn and a rainbow?! I'm so gay for these latch hook things!

 Someone moved this while I shopped, so I got a better picture. Hello, again.

 Sweet Jebus! A Fisher Price tape recorder/tape player! I played the hell out of that thing when I was a kid. Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. Just listen to one side, flip it over when it's done, and repeat.

 Cool, a needlepoint kit. I better not add to the growing craft pile at home.
 I think my friend next door had this when we were kids.

Oh, it's a fancy duck with blue pants and a bow tie. I see that he's rounded, so as to wobble but not fall down. LOL Weeble (sp?).
And finally, a beautiful, mid-century, blonde-ish table! Not in great condition, no markings on it. That wouldn't have mattered to me, had it not been so short. Old coffee tables, Y U so low to the ground?
Every item left behind on a thrift store rack or shelf is victory against hoarding! Goodbye, treasures.
I think I'll link up with A Living Space and Sir Thrift A Lot!

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