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Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Week of School

This past week found me staying at my parents' house due to unforeseen circumstances that made me cry a lot. My car (Subaru, of course) was in the shop being repaired  thanks to a check my dad wrote out for me before going to Boston for two heart valve transplants. I was experiencing some heart issues of my own, courtesy of an end of summer kick to the curb.
Anyway, school started. I'm a teacher.

dress: Savers, buttons: Martin's House of Cloth, necklace, bag, shoes: all from Savers

To be honest, I am not currently working as a classroom teacher; I work as a paraprofessional in the same elementary school that I attended as a child. My college degree is in elementary education and I certainly teach. A paraprofessional helps children with special needs within the general population of the school. Last year, I worked in a difficult kindergarten classroom with two wonderful little boys. Having worked as a classroom teacher and an all-over-the-damn building helper, last year was my first time working so close with students. They entered the big school at five years old and lacking many of the skills their peers had. I had to teach them a lot of things and because of that, I really bonded with "my boys," and had a hard time saying goodbye in June.
This outfit is definitely a "teacher" thing because it is completely unsexy :( That's ok, I think they call this look "granny chic." The little polka dot dress was from Savers and I just love a shirtdress and all it's retro simplicity. I wanted to make it look even cuter, so I swapped out the top three buttons for those cute green heart-shaped ones. I figured it was fine to just do the top of the dress because...meh, sewing buttons is boring. The shoes aren't exactly gorgeous, but I like a round toe, a slight wedge heel, and a strap to hold 'em on (also Savers.) And I love me some opaque black tights and can't wait to wear them as soon as August turns to September. Of course, how can one call herself an educator without at least one apple accessory? Look at that cute fake gold apple outline necklace, also from Savers. 
I work in kindergarten again, and I'm just getting to know my brand new children. Also, my dad made it through surgery and is doing a great job recovering.
Speaking of special needs,I've been meaning to mention my own. I am a blogger with Attention Deficit Disorder. What that means is I imagine I will post erratically, having a difficult time scheduling myself to sit down and write. For instance, the first day of school was on Wednesday and it's Sunday night now (I'll definitely give myself a pass, considering the circumstances.) I've already started making and photographing my next post about jewelry making, which I hope to post tomorrow. I also hope to put up a page about crafting with ADD/ADHD.
Since my current crazy seems to be dresses and little outfits, I might try and take more pictures of each as thrift store fashion is a component of this blog.
For more information on adult Attention Deficit Disorder, check it: Adult ADD/ADHD from HelpGuide.org

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