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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thrift Hoard #1: Old Cameras

 I recently picked up two old cameras to add to my little collection of old things that I find visually interesting and I decided to snap some pics of each one. Since I only collect them and don't actually know how to properly use a camera, the photos are not stellar. Anyway...
Here are some pictures of things that I like to curate as I peruse a thrift store. That's pretty much it--pictures of old cameras from the 60s-80s that I have sitting on shelves acting as decor and collecting dust. Check it.

A Kodak Instamatic! Apparently, these were as common as a food pic on Instagram back in the 60s and 70s. I always find them at Savers in that section where they have things in clear plastic bags hanging on the wall.
That one is called the Polaroid Land Camera. I guess. (Read these words in a faux expert voice, because I'm just winging it, I don't actually know anything about cameras.) They called it a land camera because you used it to photograph items on land, not sea or air. I remember purchasing this last Christmas time at Savers. They had several cheap-ass old Polaroids, so I brought two home. I kept this one and gave the other to my ex, John as part of a housewarming gift.

Ooh, what's that? I don't know, do I look like a photographer? The thing says, "Minolta," so I am deducting that that's what it is. It looked old-timey enough to be part of my collection, so there it is on top of an old typewriter that I bought gray and had to paint myself.

This, ladies and gentleman is an example of another Minolta and an another Instamatic! As you see, I've attempted to place them in some sort of vintage vignette, with one inside a little paper lined square shelf and the other on top of said shelf. That thing next to the lovely red accented Instamatic? That's some sort of flashbulb. I grabbed it out of a free pile at flea market closing time!

That one is a pocket Instamatic, that comes with an attached wrist holder in case your pants are too tight. That thing on the left is allegedly a close up attachment. I don't know how the hell it attaches, so side by side they sit atop my air conditioner.
That, right there is a sweet door holder. Or, something else a heavy thing would be goof for. I picked it up last Spring at Goodwill a town over. My reading skills tell me it's a Kodak Automatic 8 projector thing. I know I've heard the term "8 millimeter" in reference to film before.
8MM (1999) Poster
Oh yeah. This.
 I do recall that a Google search on this said I could totally make it functional with a new bulb that could be ordered for one jillion dollars or something.

And that right there is a Colt 94. It's pictured laying on its side, because I purchased it before testing standup-ability. It's heavy and it's currently leaning against the inside of a little shelf table.

What's that, nestled in huge-ass pile of stuff I crammed on a shelf? Another blue accented Kodak Instamatic in its natural habitat amongst other adorable thrift scores. These shelves sit right above the unused bar cart. Let's take a closer look:
Here is an interesting Polaroid that I recall my ex purchasing at a flea market many years back. It's atop a stack of children's books which I also hoard.

Now to the small bathroom, where I only store my necessities.
I kid, I store a bunch of old bottles stuff. From this angle, I think that bottom shelf needs something taller to take up that negative space. Anyway, there's a cute white Polaroid swinger. (Not sure if I should use a dated Austin Powers joke or maybe just a cheesy implication) I actually picked that up at an antique store downtown during a nice walk with my last boyfriend :(
And speaking of my most current ex...
It says Falcon! And Falcon was his wrestling name! (I have a lot of back story that I should really add to this blog.) I've seen this name in antique stores before, but never at a thrift. So when I saw this thing, I was psyched. Then I saw the price: $7.99?! Come on!
It was my birthday (25% off), it had my man's name in cute old timey font, and I never see them in thrift stores. So into the collection it went. My birthday score also included this:
That one is called the Polaroid Rainbow 600. Obviously; it's got an awesome rainbow stripe right on it. Damn, Polaroid, you made a lot of cameras.
That shelf has not been "styled" yet. Honestly, I shouldn't even have that shelf, it's precariously placed in an odd space. I just tossed some things that didn't have a home yet on it, no thought or cohesiveness. Looks mighty empty. Room for more stuff, folks!

I'm going to try linking up with some of my favorite blogs, a living space and SirThriftALot! They have awesome round ups that I check every week.

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