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Sunday, September 22, 2013

So, You Like Them Fall Boots? Here's a DIY

Yes. I love them fall boots. Comfortable and flattering with pants, leggings, skirts, dresses, and even shorts with tights! All the fashion bloggers be struttin' around with their fall boots and pumpkin spice lattes.
Problem: when not worn, tall boots flop over, taking up precious floor space and causing creases in the material.
Oh noooo!
The solution: buy these things:

What? $12 for some plastic thing? No way, I'd rather buy snacks and more clothes. Solution: Make boot insert things out of cheap stuff.
I was trying to think of something cylinder shaped and foam like for an embarrassing amount of time before my sister was like, "duh, pool noodles." Those long cylinder shaped foam things kids play with in the pool! I hope you have some on hand, because I'm guessing they'll be hard to find this time of year. 

pool noodle, cut to fit
tights, long socks, or any some kind of hosiery 

Newspapers are old relics, these days, but I get this little freebie thing in my mailbox once a week. Using my tape, I wrap some paper around a noodle.
 This makes it thicker and has freshening qualities.

 Using the length of the noodle, cut the bottom part off of a pair of tights or nylons or whatever. Cram newspaper rolled noodle into it.
Problem: That looks hella tacky. 

Solution: Put the tacky looking things into your boots and you won't see them. Still want something fancier there, fancy pants? OK, your highness, try using dark colored or thick knit tights for this project.

There ya go, some cute looking boot holder uppers.


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